Title Publication date
Armenians accused of selling babies still work in hospitals and government 31 May 2023
Armenia's adoption fraud: foreigners pay up to 25 thousand euros for a kid 22 June 2022
INSIGHT-Stolen and sold: Armenia probes babies lost to Europe 30 January 2020
Armenia shocked by baby selling network as the country's top obstetrician and orphanage head are arrested over scheme that.... 26 December 2019
Four Arrested in Ongoing Illegal International Adoption Investigation 23 December 2019
Chief obstetrician of Armenia detained in adoption case of orphans – organ harvesting suspected 19 December 2019
Woman, 43, charged with child trafficking attempt in Armenia 2 December 2019
Armenian Police Investigation Reveals More Cases of Fraudulent International Adoptions 27 November 2019
Armenia Should Invest More in Families, Not Institutions 27 November 2019
Armenia’s National Security Service Investigating Illegal International Adoption Cases 20 November 2019
Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in Armenia – TA project 21 February 2018
Expert sees need for reforms in law on child adoption in Armenia 18 May 2015
Civil society representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova will participate in a study visit in Romania 16 June 2014
Government Plans Fresh Changes In Armenian Child Adoption Rules 19 September 2011
70 Children Offered For Adoption In armenia Now 12 October 2010
Blog: No Special Treatment 1 December 2009
Costs adoption Kind en Toekomst 1 September 2009
Social state of children adopted by foreigners will be regularly verified 29 April 2008
menian Child Adoptions Largely Unaffected By Stricter Rules 12 January 2006
Wikileaks - Armenia 1 December 2005
Government Approves More Rights For Armenian Orphans 5 August 2004
Government Approves More Curbs On Foreign Adoptions 5 February 2004
U.S. Adoption Agent Blasts Armenian Orphan Placement Plan 19 January 2004
Prosecutors Probe Reported Corruption In Armenian Child Adoptions 15 August 2003
Armenia: Adoption Procedures Come Into Question 25 June 2003