Title Publication date
Sweden is considering stopping adoption from the Philippines 28 January 2024
Danish Report Underscores 'Systematic Illegal Behavior' in South Korean Adoptions 28 January 2024
Is the end coming for intercountry adoption in Europe? 26 January 2024
Believes the authorities must take full control over all adoptions 22 January 2024
Taiwan affected by international adoptions decision 18 January 2024
Norway considers halting overseas adoptions as Denmark's only international agency winds down work 17 January 2024
Ministry: 'Most serious crisis in ten years' 16 January 2024
Adoption: Welsh young people hope to break identity struggle taboo 12 June 2023
Thailand is revising surrogacy laws to allow foreigners to hire Thais to bear children 14 February 2022
Last year 46 children were adopted in Flanders 18 January 2022
Not always enough adoptive parents in their own country 29 December 2021
France: why are international adoptions in free fall? 28 December 2021
A French woman sentenced for having abandoned a child she had adopted in the Congo 19 December 2021
With which countries will Flanders still cooperate for adoption? Stricter screening must prevent abuses 10 December 2021
International adoptions continue to decline 24 October 2021
Wasuthon is being deported back to Thailand by Danish authorities 9 September 2021
Report: Thailand remains a popular choice for Finnish families looking to adopt 2 September 2021
Meet the forensic expert who uses DNA tests to trace and return lost children to families around the world 25 June 2021
Holistic Review of Alternative Care Provision in an area of Thailand 1 June 2021
Surrogate babies stranded by Covid 30 January 2021
Country Programs | Department of Social Services,… 26 August 2020
Adopteren uit Thailand 10 December 2019
Aus Thailand Kölner Paar gibt adoptiertes Mädchen wieder ab und bekommt Rechnung 21 October 2019
Anti-Human trafficking Police Probe Adoption Service Offered on Facebook 11 September 2019
About 100 children given up for adoption in Wallonia and Brussels in 2018 22 February 2019
Alarms about irregularities from the majority of major countries Sweden adopted from 21 February 2019
International adoption “It was worth every effort” 1 September 2014
65 surrogate babies of Israeli gay couples stranded in Thailand 20 January 2014
Future uncertain for children in Thai baby scam 27 February 2011
Sawistri, 25, searches for the truth about her adoption 18 February 2011
Irish couples may adopt from three new countries 13 September 2010
Prosecutor says defendant in human trafficking case could face more charges 9 September 2010
A story of modern slavery in Utah 15 August 2010
Couple risk fine in revealing their adoption nightmare story 13 August 2010
Thai children reunite half a world away 1 June 2010
CIB busts a surrogate mother ring 27 December 2009
AAI Annual Holiday Letter 8 December 2009
Reisebericht unseres Asienbesuches im November 2004 22 November 2004
A young Thai Girl search for her roots in Thailand 31 May 2004
A young Thai Girl search for her roots in Thailand 31 May 2004
Catholic orphanage priest in pedophile scandal 29 January 2003
Adopted children may have been stolen from Thailand 30 September 2002
Stolen children? without identity (Thailand) 18 April 2002
Support center for adoption questions 13 May 1998
Instellingen willen gedragscode ter voorkoming adoptie schandalen 16 May 1981