Title Publication date
Is the end coming for intercountry adoption in Europe? 26 January 2024
'Keep all administration regarding intercountry adoption files in one central place' 14 September 2023
Report of the first meeting of the Working Group on the Financial Aspects of Intercountry Adoption (June 2023) 8 July 2023
Foreign adoption: 'No one has the courage to stop it' 20 June 2023
Tjibbe Joustra about intercountry adoption: biological parent is most forgotten 19 June 2023
Woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann submits DNA test 13 March 2023
Flanders stops adoptions from Vietnam: “Insufficient guarantees to rule out malpractice” 14 February 2023
Three countries of origin are given the green light for further adoption cooperation after extensive screening 14 February 2023
Adoption from abroad will soon be allowed again: 'This gives hope of finally having a baby' 11 April 2022
Last year 46 children were adopted in Flanders 18 January 2022
With which countries will Flanders still cooperate for adoption? Stricter screening must prevent abuses 10 December 2021
Toegewezen kindjes | Het Kleine Mirakel (Assigned children | The Little Miracle) 12 September 2021
Residential Child and Youth care in a Developing World 3 September 2021
Same-sex couples can now adopt children from Colombia 28 May 2021
European Parliament: Briefing - Adoption of children in the European Union 1 June 2016
Portuguese gov't approves draft bill on child adoption 21 May 2015
Children removed from parents in England will come to Portugal 18 April 2014
Portuguese immigrants caught up in UK adoption scandal 21 March 2014
Netherlands: Pre-announcement registration for Portugal 7 February 2013
On average a child is taken per day in Portugal 24 July 2011
Adopted Girl returned to Mothers “Shocking” Care 9 September 2010
Portugal child sex abuse 'proved' 3 September 2010
Sixteen adopted children returned last year 17 April 2010
Teen mom on hunger strike outside court to prevent son’s adoption 20 June 2009
Portuguese court returns adopted child to Russian mother 19 May 2009