South Africa

South Africa


Title Publication date
Her big dream was crushed - now the children's room is left empty 7 February 2024
Danish Report Underscores 'Systematic Illegal Behavior' in South Korean Adoptions 28 January 2024
Is the end coming for intercountry adoption in Europe? 26 January 2024
It could have been my boys 26 January 2024
Only people with a Danish passport are heard in the debate about international adoption 23 January 2024
The Impilo Partners 20 January 2024
Taiwan affected by international adoptions decision 18 January 2024
Norway considers halting overseas adoptions as Denmark's only international agency winds down work 17 January 2024
Ministry: 'Most serious crisis in ten years' 16 January 2024
"It screams to the sky": Danish adoption agency closes and shuts down 16 January 2024
ATTWIN Position Paper: 19 July 2023
Tjibbe Joustra about intercountry adoption: biological parent is most forgotten 19 June 2023
Private prosecution unit ends cruel exploits of alleged adoption scammer 1 June 2023
Four expected in court over illegal adoption 20 March 2023
Flanders stops adoptions from Vietnam: “Insufficient guarantees to rule out malpractice” 14 February 2023
Three countries of origin are given the green light for further adoption cooperation after extensive screening 14 February 2023
Questions & Replies: Social Development 3 January 2023
Adoptive parents encouraged to open up to their children about adoption 18 November 2022
Learning about adoption 16 November 2022
Lydia and Jaco adopted two children: 'I lifted him and it was good right away' 11 August 2022
Rosanne and Martin have three adopted children: 'In an ideal world they would not have been adopted' 2 August 2022
How do we humanise a dehumanising system? Adoption NPO on advocating for family preservation 25 July 2022
'When you adopt a child, you are adopting an entire family' – shifting the adoption story narrative 22 July 2022
Rosanne and Martin have three adopted children: 'In an ideal world they would not have been adopted' 3 June 2022
Rosanne and Martin have three adopted children: 'In an ideal world they would not have been adopted' 31 May 2022
Die Antwoord’s Adopted Son Alleges Years of Abuse and Exploitation 27 April 2022
Adoption from abroad will soon be allowed again: 'This gives hope of finally having a baby' 11 April 2022
Last year 46 children were adopted in Flanders 18 January 2022
With which countries will Flanders still cooperate for adoption? Stricter screening must prevent abuses 10 December 2021
Body parts for sale: could SA’s high murder rate be linked to profits? 4 November 2021
International adoptions continue to decline 24 October 2021
Adopted children should benefit from grandfather's trust fund, ConCourt rules 17 April 2021
'Dutch adoption stop deprives South African children of the chance to have a family' 10 April 2021
Are intercountry adoptions in children’s best interests? 1 April 2021
Country Programs | Department of Social Services,… 26 August 2020
Afrique du Sud: aux portes des orphelinats où échouent les bébés abandonnés 7 August 2019
Baby box opens lid on South Africa's adoption crisis 7 August 2019
Children, abduction and adoption – conference will explore vital areas 29 March 2019
Children’s Amendment Bill: Critics fear new law could “end adoption in SA” 26 February 2019
Why adoption is a problem in South Africa 17 January 2019
The Department of Social Development removes adoption fees 13 January 2019
Abbotsford couple ‘heartbroken’ as African adoption stalls once again 21 December 2018
Zeitreise: Waisenkinder für Afrika 14 October 2018
SA baby's chance at new life in Canada foiled 13 June 2016
50 kids left in limbo by Canada/SA trafficking row 13 June 2016
THE adoption system in South Africa is in a state of crisis. 3 March 2015
French couple take adopted sons home 19 June 2014
Australia: Adoption breakthrough for families seeking to adopt overseas children 26 April 2014
SA orphans going Dutch 24 October 2013
A twist in the ‘baby broker’ case 2 May 2013
Illegal adoption accused frustrates magistrate 20 March 2013
Why can't gays adopt? 27 August 2012
Notice – Processing is Suspended for Adoption Applications from South Africa 15 August 2012
Reply Kamervraag PvdA Zuid Afrika 13 August 2012
GErman Radio CAP - Wereldkinderen 1 April 2012
Children’s shelter owner to face trial 23 January 2012
South Africa tightens rules for foreign adoptions 14 October 2011
Missing toddler found 8 October 2011
After 18 months, adoptions at Pune's Preet Mandir resume 5 February 2011
South African woman waiting to adopt from Preetmandir asks activist to drop her demand for inquiry 5 November 2010
Irish couples may adopt from three new countries 13 September 2010
Adoptie van HIV+ kinderen uit Zuid Afrika 10 October 2009
A baby with HIV raises fears for many people. But is that right? 10 October 2009
Een baby met HIV roept bij veel mensen een angstbeeld op. Maar is dat terecht? 10 October 2009
Adoption down, abandonment up 2 July 2009
Greece's Black-Market Babies Come Home -- Stolen Children Demand To Know Their Histories 22 September 1996
Give a Child a Family 1 September 1996