Title Publication date
Adoptive families: The Minister of Social Affairs does not respond to our criticism 22 June 2024
International adoption in Denmark is suspended indefinitely. Where does that leave a family form that has been around for over 50 years? 11 March 2024
Supervised adoptions: –⁠ The system is rotten 7 March 2024
Sweden is considering stopping adoption from the Philippines 28 January 2024
Is the end coming for intercountry adoption in Europe? 26 January 2024
Norwau: It could have been my boys 26 January 2024
Activists not convinced about Norwegian adoption investigation 23 January 2024
Believes the authorities must take full control over all adoptions 22 January 2024
Woman was not successful - sentenced for hate speech again 18 January 2024
Europe winds down adoptions from South Korea 18 January 2024
Taiwan affected by international adoptions decision 18 January 2024
Norway considers halting overseas adoptions as Denmark's only international agency winds down work 17 January 2024
In Norway, a Proposed Ban on Foreign Adoptions Rattles All Sides of a Heated Debate 17 January 2024
Crisis in the field of international adoption 16 January 2024
Recommends a complete halt in foreign adoptions 16 January 2024
Norway stops adoptions from several countries 16 January 2024
Adopted Priyangika will not be Norwegian 18 December 2023
Considering a full stop in adoption: The married couple fear that their dream will be crushed 24 November 2023
Adoptive families against the authorities and VG: − One-sided presentation 22 November 2023
Given away Christian Strand was adopted from Indonesia as a baby, and he has never looked back - until now. He fears the truth about his own background. 3 November 2023
One of the world's foremost experts on international adoption, Nigel Cantwell, believes that several changes are needed before an adoption abroad can be said to be in the best interests of the child. 31 October 2023
Må bestikke politiet før adopsjoner – VG 28 October 2023
Slik ble Norge varslet om ulovlige adopsjons-betalinger - VG - This is how Norway was notified of illegal adoption payments 27 October 2023
- What if someone had asked my biological mother: "Did you think it was for the best that your child was stolen from you?" 18 September 2023
South Korea’s dark past as West’s ‘baby farm’ laid bare by adopted ‘children for sale’ who grew up far from home 16 September 2023
Inger-Tone (58) asks King Harald to withdraw the merit medal 14 September 2023
VG reveals: This is how Norway was notified about the sale of children, corruption and false identities 4 September 2023
VG reveals: This is how Norway was notified about the sale of children, corruption and false identities 4 September 2023
Nordic Adoption Council, NAC, statement in accordance with the conference in Reykjavik in September 2023 September 2023
An adoptee never stops being adopted 17 August 2023
‘I’ll never know where I’m from’: plight of the adopted children of Bangladesh’s Birangona women 11 August 2023
Natalie was adopted to Norway while her mother thought she was stillborn 8 August 2023
Andrea is adopted: - Just wanted to be Norwegian 26 July 2023
South Korean inquiry to look into 237 more foreign adoptions suspected to have laundered origins 8 June 2023
No Place Like Home: Tracing roots from Norway to Sri Lanka 31 May 2023
Mother begged the Norwegian authorities: "Please help me" 25 May 2023
Tried to notify about illegal adoptions - met with a closed door at the minister 22 May 2023
Report the adoption to the police 19 May 2023
All records must be unsealed for Korean adoptees who want it, argue experts : National : News : The Hankyoreh 18 May 2023
Adopted from South Korea reports Norway for human trafficking 18 May 2023
Foreign adoptee Maiken Helene (22) has felt ugly for large parts of her life 15 May 2023
Top on adoptions from South Korea: - Must be thoroughly investigated 15 May 2023
Proposals to Act on notification of citizenship. (Adopted by the Norwegian Parliament at the 3rd reading on 19 June 1975.*) 16 April 2023
10 Years Since Forced Adoption Apology 23 March 2023
Toppe vil treffe adopterte - VG - Top will meet adoptees 9 March 2023
Norway seeks to work with Korea to investigate illegal adoptions 3 March 2023
Mrs Chatterjee v/s Norway: The film should provoke wider conversations on plugging gaps in child protection 28 February 2023
AiE - Adopsjon i endring Ressurssenter for adopterte og deres familier 28 February 2023
S. Korea, Norway to Cooperate on Wrongful Foreign Adoption Cases 27 February 2023
Calls for better follow-up of adopted children: - Mum, I want to be like the others 18 February 2023
The illegal adoptions These are the stories the Norwegian authorities have not wanted to be told. 24 January 2023
Norwegian Korean Rights Group 24 January 2023
Norway to investigate illegal adoptions from Sri Lanka, up to 11,000 children may be involved 23 January 2023
Lawyer on secret payments in adoption case: – Gets angry 17 January 2023
The Camilla case: Norway paid travel and telephone bills after illegal adoption 17 January 2023
South Korea launches investigation into suspicious adoptions of children to the West 8 December 2022
Somali refugee wins second case against Norway over forced adoption 10 December 2021
New report: Half of Norwegian foreign adoptees experience being discriminated against 22 November 2021
Abroad adopters are not prepared well enough 18 November 2021
Residential Child and Youth care in a Developing World 3 September 2021
The systematization of 'child exports' for economic and political aims 13 August 2021
Adopted people must be allowed to participate in the adoption debate 6 July 2021
Number of children sent overseas for adoptions even higher than previously thought 8 May 2021
What are the characteristics of good (adoptive) parents? A literature review 26 April 2021 / leadership team 16 April 2021
The ‘Baby Farms’ of Sri Lanka 11 April 2021
A Great Desire for Children: The Beginning of Transnational Adoption in Denmark and Norway during the 1960’s 22 October 2020
John Erik was kidnapped and adopted to Norway. Now he has heard 20 similar stories 31 January 2020
«Kjære mamma, hvor er du?» 13 April 2018
Sute de români protesteaz? împotriva Norvegiei la Bucure?ti. Care e nemul?umirea 15 December 2015
East Africa: EALA Locks Out Foreigners From Child Adoption 22 August 2015
Orphaned best friends from India reunited 10 years later in Canada 29 July 2015
Minister defends ‘Barnevernet’ 12 June 2015
Czechs protest against Norwegian social service´s steps 30 May 2015
Norway takes steps towards adoption of Czech boy 30 April 2015
Tensions peak as Norway takes Lithuanian children 3 February 2015
Nigerian Child Forcefully Adopted in Norway 4 November 2014
Norway Forcefully Adopts Nigerian Woman's Baby 2 November 2014
New parents were told girls weren't twins; DNA says yes 17 October 2014
She was foster mother, but now she's mum 2 June 2014
39 years ago, Ralf Lofstad, “Dagbladet”, arrived in Norway, in a cardboard box. 25 May 2014
American Involvement in the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial Process 1 February 2014
Hochgerüsteter Kidnapping-Service: Italiens Polizei fasst professionelle Kinderentführer 31 October 2013
Foster care: It’s time to think out of the box 29 October 2012
Norway offers residence permits in exchange for children 12 August 2011
Romania: a new step towards the release of international adoptions 24 February 2011
Surrogate twins in no-mans land 21 July 2010
CCAA Delegation Headed by Deputy Director-General Ms. Chu Xiaoying Visited Sweden and Norway 22 June 2010
Russian Ministry of Education and Science releases new list of homestudy agencies with missing postplacement reports 10 April 2010
IAWG urges better adoption process 24 February 2010
Stolen by the Nazis: The tragic tale of 12,000 blue-eyed blond children taken by the SS to create an Aryan super-race 9 January 2009
Embassies push for transparency in adoptions 7 December 2008
VG avslører: Slik ble Norge varslet om salg av barn, korrupsjon og falske identiteter - VG
Will not stop adoptions from abroad