Title Publication date
Adoptee stolen at birth sues Chile over thousands of dictatorship-era thefts 1 July 2024
There is* still money available to search for biological parents – and then what? 2 May 2024
Chilean authorities to help families after unethical adoptions 3 March 2024
She thought her mother gave her away. Like thousands of Chileans, she was taken 24 February 2024
Woman reunited with family after illegal adoption 19 February 2024
Biological sisters meet for first time as illegally adopted child reunites with family 19 February 2024
Chile's justice department stops investigating illegal adoptions by Dutch 'fake nun', victims demand action 20 January 2024
Swiss authorities looked the other way for decades 8 December 2023
Swiss say thousands of children likely illegally adopted abroad 8 December 2023
Indications of Illegal Adoptions of Children from Ten Countries of Origin in Switzerland, 1970s to 1990s, Inventory of Documents in the Swiss Federal Archives November 2023
Chile's stolen children get DC meeting with President Gabriel Boric 24 September 2023
Committee on Enforced Disappearances Marks First Anniversary of the Joint Statement on Illegal Intercountry Adoptions 20 September 2023
American man stolen as a baby in Chile meets mother at 42 9 September 2023
Chile struggles with stolen babies of the Pinochet dictatorship 7 September 2023
Minister does not start investigation into illegal adoptions from Chile by Dutch 'nun' 2 September 2023
Son stolen at birth hugs Chilean mother for first time in 42 years 29 August 2023
Watch the moment Virginia man reunites with mom 42 years after he was stolen from Chile 22 August 2023
Dutch woman linked at least 3 adult adoptees from Chile to wrong birth families: report 24 July 2023
Outgoing minister Weerwind about wrong adoptions: 'I cannot correct past suffering' 17 July 2023
'We found your birth mother': How Chile's children were stolen and adopted worldwide 28 June 2023
Dutch 'nun' suspected of baby theft from Chile appears to have destroyed files 23 June 2023
Sister Kuijpers and the Chilean adopted children: 'I just wanted to help, shouldn't that be possible?' 20 June 2023
American ‘stolen’ as a baby finds family in Chile 27 May 2023
International Social Service (ISS)’s Post 18 April 2023
Report points to 30 years of international adoption mishandling in France 10 February 2023
Swedes adopted in Chile can receive compensation 13 January 2023
Illegal Adoptions : Chile's stolen children 19 December 2022
Dutch nun (89) accused of baby robbery: she told mothers that their child was stillborn 3 December 2022
The scandal of “stolen” children: the drift of a French association at the heart of a judicial investigation 23 November 2022
Mirjam (49) found her biological family after a long search: 'My identity was taken away from me twice' 3 November 2022
Adoptions from six countries must be scrutinized 31 August 2022
‘They robbed me of my family’: I was a victim of child trafficking 18 August 2022
‘They robbed me of my family’: I was a victim of child trafficking 18 August 2022
Home blind to make the Adoption Center experts on themselves 23 May 2022
Declared Dead – Illegal adoptions from Chile to Europe 11 May 2022
Children steal to do good? The Swedish adoptions from the time of the military dictatorship in Chile are finally examined in mor 14 March 2022
Paper Orphans: Giving a voice to children stolen for illicit adoptions 13 March 2022
Last year 46 children were adopted in Flanders 18 January 2022
Babies stolen by the Pinochet regime embarrassing Sweden 1 January 2022
‘Time We Can’t Get Back’: Stolen at Birth, Chilean Adoptees Uncover Their Past 17 December 2021
“It is imperative to place rights and ethics at the center of the international adoption system” 10 December 2021
Chile legalises same-sex marriage and adoption in historic vote 9 December 2021
Forced adoptions in Chile, mothers and children in search of the truth 14 September 2021
Reform of the adoption system: experts present before the Constitution CommissionReform of the adoption system: experts present 24 August 2021
Unicef Netherlands position in Intercountry Adoption ? 12 August 2021
Assignment review: The stolen children 18 June 2021
Decision today: The government will investigate international adoptions to Sweden 15 June 2021
This is what happened: The adopted children from Chile 10 June 2021
Andrea was illegally adopted from Colombia: 'It has been a huge grief' 7 June 2021
Suspicion of illegal conditions in adoptions from Chile to Denmark mark 1978- 1988 21 April 2021
The report "Suspicion of illegal conditions in adoptions from Chile to Denmark 1978-1988" 21 April 2021
bilagssamling.pdf 21 April 2021
Manuel, Claudia and Luis arrived as the first Chilean adopted children in 1978. Today, they fear they were stolen 18 March 2021
Jenny was adopted illegally: "Was shocked when I found out" 23 February 2021
The stolen children of Chile | Chile | The Guardian 26 January 2021
Country Programs | Department of Social Services,… 26 August 2020
'Baby trade is pure mafia' 12 March 2020
Efter 37 år – nu ska Valeria träffa sin biologiska familj 4 January 2020
Korea should investigate overseas adoptions 30 August 2019
Finaliza trabajo de Comisión Investigadora sobre Adopciones Irregulares de la Cámara de Diputados 23 July 2019
Child adoption rate low in Uttarakhand 30 May 2019
Jag stals från min mamma vid födseln 30 May 2019
Meeting Chilean Adoptees Hoksbergen 25 May 2019
Tráfico de niños: La historia de Kristoffer Ohrn, un bebé mapuche que fue secuestrado en dictadura 15 April 2019
Alarms about irregularities from the majority of major countries Sweden adopted from 21 February 2019
Lucilas upptäckt: Jag blev kidnappad och såld som baby 21 January 2019
The stolen children: 'Hundreds' of babies were taken from their mothers to be adopted in Sweden... through an agency later run b 2 January 2019
Sweden: Responsible authority does not investigate the adoptions (Chile) 25 November 2018
Deputy Boris Barrera explaining about the vote 22 November 2018
Over 600 adoptions from Chile to Sweden investigated in 'children of silence' probe 16 November 2018
The investigation of illegal adoptions is growing - 600 children may have been affected 15 November 2018
"De Valdivia a Holanda - Adopciones Ilegales en Chile" 23 October 2018
Adopted Utah man re-united with Chilean birth mother may be human trafficking victim 8 September 2018
No news from the inquiry about Chile adoptions 29 August 2018
Alisa (36) spoort haar biologische moeder op in Chili en ontdekt dan dat haar adoptie een leugen was 29 July 2018
US families illegally adopted 100s of Chilean children during Pinochet dictatorship 18 April 2018
Sweden at the center of illegal adoptions with Chilean children 30 January 2018
Trafficking of children: who became millionaires 30 October 2017
Features 24: The Truth of an Adoption 7 June 2016
Malta in talks with at least 12 governments over inter-country adoption agreements 3 May 2016
Conference: Prevention of Family Breakdown due to Poverty 17 September 2014
Dear Friends of the Convention on the Rights of the Child - by Laetitia van Haren - Executive Director 12 September 2009
Mendoza podría volverse punto de venta de bebés 12 August 2009