Title Publication date
Guatemala’s baby brokers: how thousands of children were stolen for adoption 4 January 2024
Maddox’s biological father unexpectedly speaks out, demanding Angelina Jolie to return his son to him! 27 November 2023
Ministry rejects call to end foreign adoptions - Khmer Times 3 July 2023
Paper Orphans: Preventing Illegal Intercountry Adoptions - BORGEN 28 June 2023
Ministry: Eight children available for adoption 20 March 2023
Report points to 30 years of international adoption mishandling in France 10 February 2023
False certificates and forced abandonment: study documents irregular adoptions of foreigners in France 9 February 2023
Italy is about to resume the adoption of Cambodian children 8 February 2023
Italy close to resuming inter-country adoptions from Cambodia 6 February 2023
Can there be a ‘right’ to be trafficked? 17 January 2023
‘Orphanage babies don’t cry’: My adoption journey 20 November 2022
These Adoptees Were Brought to the US as Babies. Now Some Fear They Were Stolen. 27 April 2022
Cambodia to resume controversial child adoptions 31 March 2022
Children and Families Face Irreparable Harm as Cambodia Reopens Intercountry Adoptions 29 March 2022
Association "Les Grains de Riz" -- Association "The Grains of Rice" 8 February 2022
France: why are international adoptions in free fall? 28 December 2021
Examining International Adoption 9 November 2021
'NOT 100% SURE' Angelina Jolie’s pal claims ‘orphan’ son Maddox’s biological parents ‘may not have both been dead’ before 2002 a 22 July 2021
First Child in Cambodia Joins Family Via Domestic Adoption 21 July 2021
Was Maddox 'stolen from his birth family?': Fears that Angelina Jolie's son may have been adopted unethically in Cambodia to be 16 July 2021
Claims Angelina Jolie's adopted son was victim of 'baby recruiters' examined in new doc 16 July 2021
Adoption: yes or no? 30 September 2019
Cambodia's Orphan Business: The Dark Side of 'Voluntourism' 15 September 2019
Save the Children Signed MoU with MoSVY for Family Care First and REACT 13 August 2019
Adozione internazionale. Otto coppie cercasi per riaprire le adozioni con la Cambogia 17 July 2019
Cambodia, Italy follow up on child adoption deals 9 May 2019
The Scam of Fake Orphanages in Cambodia 16 April 2019
'Smitten' with Australian author as steamy video shows lovebirds grinding at dive bar 13 September 2018
Cambodia’s Stolen Children: Fraud and Corruption in the Inter-Country Adoption System 30 March 2018
Orphanages no place for infants, government says 21 July 2017
Cambodia: ‘Orphans’ return sought 3 March 2017
Norman inn being investigated after report of Cambodian woman held as indentured servant 14 June 2016
Malta in talks with at least 12 governments over inter-country adoption agreements 3 May 2016
Notice: Update on Status of Intercountry Adoptions from Cambodia 18 February 2016
La double vie d'un riche Belge pédophile qui avait bâti un orphelinat au Cambodge 18 December 2015
L’ancien juge lyonnais Broaly condamné pour « abus sexuels d’enfants » 25 May 2015
Cambodian Orphans Yearn for Answers 40 Years After Fleeing the Khmer Rouge 13 April 2015
New step towards adoptions 4 March 2015
Australia: Adoption breakthrough for families seeking to adopt overseas children 26 April 2014
Cambodian mother accuses Australian church of separating her from her children, filmmaker charged over dispute urges Julie Bisho 9 April 2014
Tara Winkler talks losing her partner and community work on “Australian Story” 1 April 2014
article - Officials to head to US for adoption training reg. Cambodia 13 February 2014
Cambodia: Foreign-run orphanage closed after reports of abuse, human trafficking 25 March 2013
Love in Action website 2013
Cambodia reopens adoptions by Americans 30 October 2012
The scandal of orphanages in tourist resorts and disaster zones that rent children to fleece gullible Westerners 10 April 2011
UNICEF Concern Prompts Cambodian Investigation of Orphanages 23 March 2011
US Maintains Ban on Cambodian Adoptions 18 March 2011
Cambodia: towards the opening of adoptions 18 March 2011
US envoy to take up Cambodia, Vietnam adoption 15 March 2011
Future uncertain for children in Thai baby scam 27 February 2011
Pressuring countries on adoption 'can lead to trafficking' 2 November 2010
Cambodia Eyes March 2011 ReOpening 6 April 2010
Master Thesis: Internationale Illegale Adopties 1 January 2010
CIB busts a surrogate mother ring 27 December 2009
Violences dans un orphelinat de la Fondation Zannier Holybaby 20 November 2009
Justitie onderzoekt illegale adopties 19 November 2009
Final stretch of the year! 1 November 2009
Josephine Baker's Rainbow Tribe 2 October 2009
Council of Ministers approves draft law to legalise, regulate international adoptions 11 August 2009
Convention-specific Technical Assistance Programmes 1 January 2009
Les dérives de l'adoption au Cambodge January 2009
The Rogier Zanier foundation is funder of the Holy Baby Orphanages in Cambodia 30 July 2008
A plan to facilitate adoptions in France 29 July 2008
Adoption Advocate Answers Your Questions 12 January 2007
Transcript ICE Agent Richard Cross - 15 April 2005
U.S. Families Learn Truth About Adopted Cambodian Children 25 March 2005
No Swedish adoption organisations seek authorisation for 2004 (Cambodia) 16 December 2003
Sar Kheng blames Kerry for adoption deal 22 December 2000
Les comptes douteux d'un protecteur de l'enfance (Cambodge) 26 May 2000
Foreign adoptions feared out of control 28 June 1996