Title Publication date
Consultation on mother-and-baby home inquiry to begin 25 June 2024
High Court approves teen’s adoption against birth mother’s wishes - Judge says birth mother’s love for her child and her hopes for and emotional bonds with her can never be severed 12 June 2024
Woman challenges adoption body's decision regarding children born through surrogacy 4 March 2024
Abused foster children: Europe calls for compensation to be paid to victims 26 January 2024
Delay and frustration in adoption law's first year 3 October 2023
2023: Sad days for ‘adoptable’ children in Greece 19 August 2023
ATTWIN Position Paper: 19 July 2023
Possible mass baby graves at Mother and Baby Home site could be 'worse than Tuam' - Irish Mirror Online 9 July 2023
Birth mother’s appeal against daughter’s adoption dismissed by Supreme Court 24 May 2023
Mother-and-baby group pulls out of forum meetings 8 May 2023
What is Illegal Adoption? 4 May 2023
Dubliner adopted to New York at birth reunites with Irish family 63 years later 29 April 2023
Illegal adoptees receive once-off €3k payment 15 April 2023
No policy barrier to recognising foreign adoption orders for children born via surrogacy, Supreme Court rules 30 March 2023
Scheme has 'triggered more trauma' for mother and baby homes survivors 6 March 2023
‘Stolen’: Dublin Review - Margo Harkin’s documentary about mother and baby homes is essential viewing for Irish society 2 March 2023
Widespread forced adoption may be able to help with a major overseas criminal investigation | 7NEWS 25 February 2023
Northern Ireland’s forced adoption investigation lands on Australian shores 22 January 2023
Illegal adoption: ‘My search for the twin I was told had died’ 21 January 2023
'Four lives were ripped apart': Woman plans legal action over mother's exclusion from redress 15 January 2023
Questions & Replies: Social Development 3 January 2023
Domestic surrogacy central to Government policy paper 16 December 2022
Gardaí investigating 20 alleged crimes related to Mother and Baby Homes 27 November 2022
Secret Identities 26 October 2022
O’Gorman: Mother and baby homes report revealed 'truth of what happened' in institutions 22 October 2022
'€5,000 for your child being taken? You would get multiples of that for a whiplash injury' 19 October 2022
Mother and Baby Homes: Some consequences - like testimonies - are more important than others 8 October 2022
Ireland Opens Decades of Secret Records to Adoptees 7 October 2022
Mixed-raced people had 'childhood stolen' in Irish institutions & redress must be extended, UN says 23 September 2022
'100 years of injustice': Survivors call for mother and baby home redress scheme to be extended 15 September 2022
New adoption legislation: ‘I just wanted to understand where I came from’ 7 August 2022
New Irish adoption law opens wounds as 900 register to trace birth families 4 August 2022
UK owes apology for ‘grave wrong’ of forced adoptions 15 July 2022
6-month rule and legal waiver must be scrapped from Mother & Baby Home redress plan, committee says 12 July 2022
Woman who put her baby in a bin after giving birth receives three month jail sentence 5 July 2022
Birth Information and Tracing Act 2022 1 July 2022
Adopted people will finally get access to records after President signs Bill into law 30 June 2022
Judge refuses to approve girl’s adoption by foster mother as he heavily criticises Child and Family Agency 27 June 2022
Too Asian To Be Irish, Too Irish To Be Asian 22 June 2022
Extract: 'My mother was given a half hour’s notice to get me ready to have me taken from her' 12 June 2022
Use of word 'abandonment' in adoption laws causing 'unnecessary hurt', judge says 12 May 2022
‘A nun called me a destroyer of lives’: how adoption rights activist Susan Lohan fought the Irish establishment 9 March 2022
An Industrial School Survivor Demands Answers on Why He Was Incarcerated at Age 11 2 March 2022
Police probe 29 allegations around mother and baby homes in Northern Ireland 28 February 2022
The night our family rescued 15 women from a Magdalene Laundry 27 February 2022
€225,000 awarded to man born in mother and baby home from estranged birth mother’s estate 9 February 2022
Woman who spent 16 years trying to trace son ‘elated’ by adoption move 13 January 2022
Court approves child’s adoption by foster mother in ‘life affirming case’ 13 January 2022
Taoiseach rules out reopening redress scheme for mother and baby home survivors 31 December 2021
Man born in mother and baby home to sue State over redress 5 December 2021
Over 30 experts ask O'Gorman to change redress scheme so it considers 'impact of early trauma' 22 November 2021
'She had no choice': High Court told Philomena Lee did not consent to her son being adopted 18 November 2021
Govt made a 'dogs' dinner of mother and baby homes redress scheme, says survivor 17 November 2021
'Gardaí returned women who escaped': Philomena Lee & Mary Harney challenge Commission in High Court 17 November 2021
'Can you put a price on trauma?': Redress scheme for survivors of mother and baby homes ready 16 November 2021
Mother-and-baby homes inquiry to be set up in Northern Ireland 16 November 2021
Mother and Baby Homes: 34,000 survivors eligible for compensation in €800m redress scheme 16 November 2021
Tuam mother and baby home families doubt Roderic O’Gorman’s vow on exhumations 14 November 2021
Illegal adoptees 'forced to break the law' by using their falsified birth certificates 19 October 2021
Term ‘birth mother’ to be dropped from adoption legislation 27 September 2021
Residential Child and Youth care in a Developing World 3 September 2021
The hidden face of international adoptions and mothers' rights in Vietnam 30 August 2021
Woman's signature forged on letter saying nuns from Mother and Baby Home 'deserve a medal' 31 July 2021
Mother and Baby Homes: Two test cases to be heard by High Court later this year 27 July 2021
Mother and Baby Homes: Three test cases could be used as survivors seek judicial review 13 July 2021
An Athlone woman’s Mother and Baby Homes story 3 July 2021
JURI Committee Public Hearing Child protection under EU law 28 June 2021
Mother-and-baby home redress proposals due soon 12 June 2021
The Gist: Survivors refuse to stay on Mute 12 June 2021
High Court approves adoption of girl without consulting birth father 4 June 2021
‘A culture of shame’: Reforming Ireland’s adoption system 24 May 2021
Adopted people to get access to birth certs irrespective of birth mother’s wishes 21 May 2021
Ireland’s shame: reforming an adoption system marked by secrecy and trauma 14 May 2021
'The British could not do to our Martina what her comrades have done,' say family of Martina Anderson 11 May 2021
Number of children sent overseas for adoptions even higher than previously thought 8 May 2021
'There can be no more messing about': Push for law to allow exhumations at mother and baby homes 14 April 2021
'The content of the emails sent to the Taoiseach by survivors is truly unsettling' 7 April 2021
'Pay us and acknowledge what happened': Mother and baby home survivors want compensation and a remembrance day 4 April 2021
'Spend the leftover €11.5m on investigation into adoption files' 27 March 2021
Department says consulting firm was hired due to 'urgency' in setting up mother and baby home redress scheme 17 March 2021
Adopted in 1953, daughter finds her Irish mother still alive 12 March 2021
Adopted people suing St Patrick’s Guild claim ‘kidnapping’, ‘forgery’ 11 March 2021
Illegal adoptions: ‘Doing nothing’ not option for State inquiry 11 March 2021
Up to 20,000 adoption files could relate to irregular birth registrations – report 10 March 2021
At least 14 illegal adoption cases at ‘advanced stage’ in High Court 5 March 2021
Illegal adoption revelations are 'shocking', taoiseach says 4 March 2021
Son of Éamon De Valera facilitated illegal adoptions through his medical practice 3 March 2021
‘I don’t even know when I was born’: Scale of illegal adoption is hard to take in 3 March 2021
'I don't know who I am' - woman told of her illegal adoption aged 54 1 March 2021
Social Democrats vote unanimously to push government towards clear redress scheme for Mother and Baby Home survivors 27 February 2021
Abused foster children 'entitled to redress' - Special Rapporteur 26 February 2021
Irish mother and baby homes: Inquiry 'backup tapes' discovered 21 February 2021
Varadkar says he was 'quite surprised' that mother and baby home testimony was destroyed 4 February 2021
Babies from Cork County Home were buried in coffins with adults or amputated limbs 30 January 2021
Judge criticises 9-year delay in making adoption orders 29 January 2021
Judge criticises nine-year delay in adoption process for four Indian children to Irish parents 29 January 2021
Children's Committee wants Chair of Mother and Baby Homes Commission to answer questions 28 January 2021
Catholic and Church of Ireland primates express shame over mother and baby homes 27 January 2021
Report into Northern Ireland's mother and baby homes to be published today 26 January 2021
Actress Jane Russell's adoption of Irish baby nearly ended her career 26 January 2021
Adopted people have an unequivocal human right to their identity 19 January 2021
'Illegitimate children could contaminate the morals of society so had to be hidden and illegally adopted' 17 January 2021
Mother and baby home adoptions may have been legal but that does not make them right 16 January 2021
‘A very nice baby with beautiful fair skin ... It was like they were selling a doll’ 16 January 2021
'We were told our mothers were prostitutes and ne'er-do-wells. My mother was a senior civil servant, aged 30' 16 January 2021
Officials designing mother and baby homes redress will not want past to be repeated 15 January 2021
Baby home survivor brands Taoiseach and Tánaiste 'sickening double act' 15 January 2021
Adoption rights group welcomes AG advice that no referendum needed 15 January 2021
Trauma of women compelled to give up their babies for adoption laid bare in Irish academic’s research 14 January 2021
'The shame was not theirs – it was ours': Full text of Taoiseach's apology to mother and baby home survivors 13 January 2021
Hollywood star’s search for a baby brought focus on Irish adoptions 13 January 2021
Girl, 15, tied up during 'horrific labour' at Sean Ross 13 January 2021
5-year investigation finds at least 9,000 children died in Ireland's mother and baby homes 12 January 2021
Catherine Corless: ‘Boarded out’ children from Tuam Mother and Baby Home were delivered like a puppy to their new owners 12 January 2021
'I unreservedly apologise': Archbishop Martin accepts Church's part in mother and baby home scandal 12 January 2021
Mother and baby homes: Cases of underage pregnant girls were not referred to Gardaí 12 January 2021
Allegations that large sums were paid to adopt children ‘impossible to prove’ 12 January 2021
Adoption Authority 'cannot lawfully refuse to register Mexican adoptions of two children' 19 October 2020
Adoption Authority 'cannot lawfully refuse to register Mexican adoptions of two children' 19 October 2020
European Commission to investigate mother and baby homes 9 October 2020
The changed face of inter-country adoption post-2010 8 January 2020
Attorney General's advice on access to birth details 'incorrect' 2 December 2019
Calls for full-scale inquiry into illegal adoptions in Ireland 29 November 2019
High Court: Adoption Authority granted order dismissing personal injury proceedings 18 September 2019
Damages claim by woman who gave up daughter for adoption 5 September 2019
Ireland’s foreign adoption clearance ‘not safe' 19 August 2019
Vietnam is top country for foreign adoptions 21 July 2019
Vietnam is top country for foreign adoptions 20 July 2019
Women who gave up their children for adoption should not be made to suffer twice 4 July 2019
Irish widow reunited with daughter given up for adoption nearly 50 years ago after reading horoscope every week 24 June 2019
Ireland left horrified by Ana Kriégel’s murder in a derelict farmhouse 23 June 2019
Zappone’s haste risks further offending adopted people 14 June 2019
Mother’s shock as she discovers woman she raised is not her daughter 8 June 2019
Illegal adoption scandal to spark a raft of lawsuits as clamour for answers grows 8 June 2019
Minister publishes detailed implementation plan for First 5, the whole-of-Government strategy for babies, young children and the 22 May 2019
Government criticised for 'hypocrisy and dishonesty' over illegal adoption inquiry 17 May 2019
UN Special Rapporteur on the Sale of Children raises serious concerns regarding Ireland’s history of illegal adoption practices 23 April 2019
UN Special Rapporteur on the Sale of Children raises serious concerns regarding Ireland’s history of illegal adoption practices 23 April 2019
‘Urgent need’ for probe of forced adoption 7 March 2019
Adoption bill’s privacy provisions to be revised 27 February 2019
Adoption law changes approved by Cabinet 27 February 2019
These Religious Prisons Turned Orphans, Young Girls, and Pregnant Women into Slaves Inside Convent Walls 22 February 2019
State to repay clients of failed overseas adoption agency 9 January 2019
Adoption campaigners urge immediate probe 31 May 2018
Tusla knew of illegal adoptions in 2016 31 May 2018
Finally, Ireland is listening to long-ignored campaigners 31 May 2018
State’s U-turn on illegal adoptions 30 May 2018
35 US-born children adopted by Irish families 2 November 2017
Children can now be adopted by their foster carers after 18 months 14 July 2017
Serious child protection failings detected in study of Garda 29 May 2017
Accessing adoption files and information on the biological family | European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights 2017
Staying Connected: Khaled Quzmar 1 November 2016
Staying Connected: Khaled Quzmar 1 November 2016
Intercountry agreement on adoptions from the Philippines 18 August 2016
Former adoption agency owes clients €190,000 4 July 2016
European Parliament: Briefing - Adoption of children in the European Union 1 June 2016
HSE knew of ‘quasi illegal’ Bessborough adoptions in 2011 16 December 2015
Exit from Adoption Sector 24 November 2015
Paul Redmond tells us what he has learned about St Patrick’s Mother and Baby Home in Dublin. 11 October 2015
The United States and Vietnam are emerging as the top countries for Irish people adopting abroad 28 August 2015
SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Fears over ‘trafficking’ of children to the US 3 June 2015
Long-term foster kids now eligible for adoption 25 April 2015
No appetite to uncover scale of illegal adoption scandal 13 April 2015
Irish gov confirms 2,000 babies illegally sent to US for adoption 17 July 2014
6,000 adoptions from six mother and baby homes across 23 years 17 July 2014
Authority admits thousands of adoptions illegal 7 July 2014
Youtube Nigel Cantwell: Regaining Lost Ground (Ireland) 11 June 2014
Vacant beds for children in care cost taxpayer €20m 22 April 2014
Florida adoption ‘ethics’ warning 14 April 2014
Philomena star Judi Dench urged to back inquiry into 'stolen baby' scandal 16 November 2013
Couples looking to adopt in Russia may lose children 20 October 2013
Agreement with US will 'open door' in adoption process 4 September 2013
Agreement would allow adoption from USA 3 September 2013
Adoption process in Ireland now ‘full of fear and desperation’ 11 June 2013
MOUNT ANVILLE ALUMNI | Michael Fisher's News 6 June 2013
DOS Notice: U.S. – Ireland Operating Arrangement (US outgoing adoptions) 3 May 2013
Profile - Catherine Day - Village Magazine 3 May 2013
Under Child Adoption Threat, Ireland Drops Magnitsky List 2 May 2013
Family takes case over refusal to recognise daughter’s adoption 26 April 2013
Irish Adoption Authority 'refuses to recognise' Mexican children adopted by Irish parents 25 April 2013
Irish couples keen to adopt Indian kids 21 March 2013
GP ‘had scores of children illegally adopted': Lack of paper trail has left the adoptees unable to find their mothers 6 January 2013
Great business that corrupts authorities; Find Foundation estimates there are 500,000 missing 16 December 2012
Mexico Authorities Unravel Child Trafficking Ring 27 September 2012
Fresh scandal erupts over Irish children sold to America for adoption 5 September 2012
Irish flock to Florida for child adoption opportunities 27 May 2012
Mexico Adoption Bust Reveals Vast Child Trafficking Ring 29 February 2012
Mexico Adoption Bust Reveals Vast Child Trafficking Ring 29 February 2012
Adoption law to help children of married parents 30 January 2012
Mexican adoptions not affected 30 January 2012
Fitzgerald challenged on adoptions 27 January 2012
Child welfare ruling may change adoption regime 28 December 2011
Irish adoptions from Vietnam to resume 11 November 2011
Adoption agency funded despite Vietnam suspension 10 October 2011
Authority to travel for talks on adoption agreements 10 October 2011
Justice for Magdalenes has welcomed a recommendation by a UN committee for a statutory inquiry into the Magdalene laundries. 6 June 2011
First of approved adoption agencies to open 30 May 2011
Adoptions from Vietnam look likely to resume 30 May 2011
No charges two years after Ryan report into child abuse 30 May 2011
Minister asks Adoption Authority to assess situation in Vietnam 12 April 2011
Adoption body sent delegation to US 25 February 2011
MEPs demand easing of adoption restrictions 26 January 2011
Two resign from adoption authority 31 December 2010
Romanian adoptees coming of age 29 November 2010
Call for inquiry into Magdalene laundries 10 November 2010
Pressuring countries on adoption 'can lead to trafficking' 2 November 2010
Foreign adoptions - History (Romanian adoptions not recognised) November 2010
New Adoption Authority appointed 1 November 2010
Vietnam adoption procedures treat children as 'commodities' 31 October 2010
Adoption Act will provide more partner countries 30 October 2010
Russians threaten adoption hold-ups over spies 12 October 2010
Address by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Barry Andrews, International Adoption Association Conference 9 October 2010
Irish couples may adopt from three new countries 13 September 2010
Russia calls halt to Irish adoptions 5 September 2010
Adoption fees 'misleading' 23 August 2010
Scandals at home and abroad have shaken board 14 August 2010
Legislation to allow adoption of married parents' children 7 July 2010
Vietnam law change may allow adoptions to resume 27 June 2010
New adoption agency to bid for clients in coming weeks 14 June 2010
Report aims to clear adoption group of impropriety 9 June 2010
Written Answers Irish Parliament 1 June 2010
Adoption agencies to be struck off for ‘wrongdoing’ 21 May 2010
Delay to adoption process measures 19 April 2010
Errant priests’ secret children to sue church 18 April 2010
Andrews asks parents to send adoption forms to Russia 13 April 2010
Russian Ministry of Education and Science releases new list of homestudy agencies with missing postplacement reports 10 April 2010
Russia puts Ireland on its blacklist for adoptions 10 April 2010
Minister seeks to reopen Vietnam for Irish adoptions 4 April 2010
Forum on new agency/fees April 2010
Dans les coulisses de l'adoption internationale. Visite d'une "usine à bébés" au Vietnam 25 February 2010
STOLEN TO ORDER 16 January 2010
A new home for baby offered to me for $10,000. 5 January 2010
Ethiopian adoption agreement 9 December 2009
Nun Criticised in Abuse Report Identified As Nora Wall 30 November 2009
Baby broker: Mrs Tang sells newborns to the orphanage next door 28 November 2009
Vietnam adoption agreement suspended 25 November 2009
Adoption Bill includes Hague protections 19 November 2009
Embettled adoption agency defends its role 25 October 2009
Ahern warns of 'anti-adoption bias' 17 October 2009
Minister examines UN reports pointing to concerns at Vietnamese adoptions 6 October 2009
Adoption agency approved in principle October 2009
Senator calls for agency to assist 20 adoptions from Vietnam 23 September 2009
Adoptions from Vietnam may not be recognised, says board 21 September 2009
The Catholic church sold my child 19 September 2009
FG request interim Vietnam adoption agreement 19 September 2009
Delegation to seek deal on adoptions from Vietnam 28 June 2009
Organisation bids to cut adoption times 21 June 2009
Whatever happened to Jane's baby? 14 June 2009
Whatever happened to Jane's baby? 14 June 2009
Whatever happened to Jane's baby? 14 June 2009
Adoptions Brutal Barriers 24 May 2009
Don't throw the baby out with the bath water 19 May 2009
So you want to adopt a baby ... 2 January 2008
A damning study of inter-country adoption, Irish style 19 June 2007
Couples angry at sex questions in adoption process 22 October 2006
A Russian baby? That’ll be €17,000 18 December 2005
Mother Cries At News Of Twin's Death Mar 24 2004 24 March 2004
Fine Gael leader lobbied for Romanian adoption 23 February 2004
Does going west really mean a better life? 5 January 2003
Irishwoman to become head of EC environment department 24 January 2002
If this little girl goes back to Romania she'll die.. 27 August 2001
New Romanian laws facilitate child adoption by Irish families 16 September 2000
Weekly Update (Adopter from US - THE SYSTEM EXPLAINED) 1 March 1998
Board right to appeal Chinese ruling 26 April 1996
The terrifying power of the State over families: Ireland beware
St. Patrick's Guild was involved in the secret export of 572 children to the US
Births not registered and forged adoption signatures at mother and baby homes