Title Publication date
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Taiwan affected by international adoptions decision 18 January 2024
CFAB - An overview of our history 30 November 2023
President Mádl of Hungary celebrating HCCH's 110th Anniversary 30 October 2023
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Commission takes Hungary to court over LGBTQ+ rights, media freedom 15 July 2022
Statement on urgency to counter anti-child rights movements in Europe 8 February 2022
Last year 46 children were adopted in Flanders 18 January 2022
Toegewezen kindjes | Het Kleine Mirakel (Assigned children | The Little Miracle) 12 September 2021
Residential Child and Youth care in a Developing World 3 September 2021
Fwd: The Hungarian Adoption System | Örö 21 June 2020
Hungary: Interview with adoptive parents (NL - child in residential care) 7 June 2020
Return to foster parents the little boy who was wrongfully divorced 20 November 2019
Return to foster parents the little boy who was wrongfully separated 20 November 2019
The third investigation has been launched for the Pest County Child Protection Service 30 October 2019
There are already two investigations into child protection procedures in Pest County, because two children were separated from t 11 October 2019
You can't take a dog out of a shelter the way this little girl was taken 23 September 2019
Jogellenesen elvettek egy kisfiút nevel?szüleit?l, és nem mondták meg, miért 14 June 2019
Missing persons are tracked down - Hungary 14 February 2019
Look at adoption in Hungary 26 September 2016
Hungary takes refugee children away from parents as it declares state of emergency 15 September 2015
The Controversy Surrounding the Intercountry Adoption 5 February 2015
Interested in adoption? 26 October 2014
As many endangered children as possible to be placed with foster families 23 June 2014
Government simplifies adoption procedure 4 February 2011
Unfinished business 11 August 2010
Hungary is final! 27 June 2010
Master Thesis: Internationale Illegale Adopties 1 January 2010
Trafican?i de copii în ?ara Cantoanelor 20 November 2009
Important Notice on Adopting from Hungary 18 May 2009
Important Notice on the Hungarian Adoption Process 18 May 2009
Business with poverty 29 June 2005
Geneticist's sentence reduced in adoption ruling 3 January 2004
Hungary: Reports of parents selling their children for purposes of adoption; prevalence of this activity and which social groups 18 November 2002
Hungary: Reports of parents selling their children for purposes of adoption; 2002
Cry of Unwanted Children in Hungary 22 September 1996
Helping Map Out International Adoptions 8 August 1994
Baby's te koop in Hongarije 13 November 1993
Hongrasse Reverend Reveals Lucrative Baby Trafficking 18 March 1993
„Kinderwens is beste motief voor adoptie" - Stichting Flash viert tienjarig bestaan 24 April 1989