Title Publication date
Foreign adoption freeze is new episode in long-running saga: 'Realize that this can be hard' 15 December 2023
Considering a full stop in adoption: The married couple fear that their dream will be crushed 24 November 2023
ICAV Speech to the UN on 20 September 2023 20 September 2023
Lilian Thybell 26 July 2023
Fewer and fewer families are able to adopt a child between waiting times, postponements, psychologists, social workers and the courts. And same-parent couples are left with only the hypothesis of foster care 9 July 2023
‘Mother Theresa of Vietnam’ Overcame Decades of Homelessness to Help Hundreds of Orphans 21 June 2023
Korean truth commission will not investigate wartime civilian massacre in Hà My 25 May 2023
I adopted my daughter and her best friend. Then my daughter reunited with her identical twin — separated at birth and raised 9,0 26 April 2023
Flanders stops adoptions from Vietnam: “Insufficient guarantees to rule out malpractice” 14 February 2023
Three countries of origin are given the green light for further adoption cooperation after extensive screening 14 February 2023
No more adoptions from Vietnam, Kazakhstan is still in the balance 14 February 2023
False certificates and forced abandonment: study documents irregular adoptions of foreigners in France 9 February 2023
Lies, love and deception: inside the cut-throat world of international adoption 6 December 2022
Adoption Is Not a Fairy-Tale Ending 25 October 2022
Kindheitsarchive by Caroline Guiela Nguyen 7 October 2022
Adoption, Racism, My Journey, My Truth Kindle Edition 11 May 2022
International adoption figures 11 March 2022
Association "Les Grains de Riz" -- Association "The Grains of Rice" 8 February 2022
France: why are international adoptions in free fall? 28 December 2021
Senate Ratifies Pact That Seeks to Protect Children In International Adoptions 23 December 2021
A French woman sentenced for having abandoned a child she had adopted in the Congo 19 December 2021
Examining International Adoption 9 November 2021
Justin Chon on his heartbreaking "Blue Bayou": "I wanted to do justice to the adoptee community" 18 September 2021
The hidden face of international adoptions and mothers' rights in Vietnam 30 August 2021
Unicef Netherlands position in Intercountry Adoption ? 12 August 2021
Lifelong Impacts of Identity Loss 4 July 2021
Aude: a survivor tells us about the forgotten crash of the children of Vietnam 28 February 2021
Handelsware Kind (Merchandise child) - Video report 19 January 2021
Official Joint Announcement: Expanded Hague Adoption Convention Processing with the United States following the Conclusion of th 31 December 2020
Inside the International Flights Filled With Solo Babies 20 December 2020
?French adoptee finds Vietnamese family hours before Covid-19 lockdown 13 November 2020
Viet Nam Family Search A Search & Reunion service for Vietnamese intercountry adoptees and birth families in Viet Nam 8 December 2019
After four decades, a Vietnamese woman reunites with the daughter airlifted to America 25 November 2019
DNA Test Leads Man to Biological Parents He Thought Died 50 Years Ago: 'It Was Surreal' 1 November 2019
Finding family: ‘I don’t want this Vietnamese woman going to her grave not knowing about her kid’ 30 September 2019
US Operation Babylift ‘orphans’ are still seeking their Vietnamese parents, more than 40 years on 28 September 2019
Baby farms: A new kind of sex trafficking 28 September 2019
Rohan Samara tells his adoption story to Insight 24 August 2019
Vietnam is top country for foreign adoptions 21 July 2019
Vietnam is top country for foreign adoptions 20 July 2019
Lynelle Beveridge – ICASN Founder (Archive) 12 June 2019
Alarms about irregularities from the majority of major countries Sweden adopted from 21 February 2019
UNICEF and French government join efforts to improve International Adoption Standards in Viet Nam 24 August 2018
UNICEF and French government join efforts to improve International Adoption Standards in Viet Nam 24 July 2018
After careful consideration, the DIA has decided to relocate the cooperation with Vietnam. 8 November 2017
Adoption case not illegal June 2017
Child adoption registration fee announced 22 July 2016
Malta in talks with at least 12 governments over inter-country adoption agreements 3 May 2016
Vietnam: Adoption: "Meine Mama ist meine Mama - fertig!" (Adoptions going down in Germany) 16 April 2016
The United States and Vietnam are emerging as the top countries for Irish people adopting abroad 28 August 2015
Kidneys, newborns, wives for sale: Human trafficking on the rise in Vietnam 21 April 2015
Meeting Nguy?n Hoàng Kim Ph?ng (stolen child - Holt) April 2015
Vietnam police to probe rumor of adoptee trading at Hanoi pagoda 23 July 2014
39 years ago, Ralf Lofstad, “Dagbladet”, arrived in Norway, in a cardboard box. 25 May 2014
Australia: Adoption breakthrough for families seeking to adopt overseas children 26 April 2014
Unicef-VietnamAdoption law must improve to protect children 7 April 2014
Australia simplifies overseas child adoption 26 January 2014
Vietnamese girl ripped from family for US adopter 30 December 2013
Wat de schildpad, de bij en Vietnam met elkaar gemeen hebben: adoptie 1 October 2013
Agreement with US will 'open door' in adoption process 4 September 2013
Caretakers struggle to raise abandoned children 12 May 2013
Jury out as Vietnam, US look to revive adoption programs 8 March 2013
Jury out as Vietnam, US look to revive adoption programs 8 March 2013
Improving child adoption management 13 September 2012
U.S. Department of State to delay resuming adoptions in Vietnam 1 February 2012
Orphans of Vietnam: A History of Intercountry Adoption Policy and Practice in Australia, 1968-1975 1 January 2012
Irish adoptions from Vietnam to resume 11 November 2011
Adoption agency funded despite Vietnam suspension 10 October 2011
Authority to travel for talks on adoption agreements 10 October 2011
Ambassador post blocked as US adoptive families fight for release of Vietnamese orphans 15 June 2011
Adoptions from Vietnam look likely to resume 30 May 2011
One million USD for taking care child adoption in Vietnam 25 April 2011
Minister asks Adoption Authority to assess situation in Vietnam 12 April 2011
Baby girl may be stuck in Vietnam 9 April 2011
L'ambassadeur français des adoptions s'inspire des Américains 17 March 2011
Vietnam initiates first national program on child protection 16 March 2011
US envoy to take up Cambodia, Vietnam adoption 15 March 2011
Future uncertain for children in Thai baby scam 27 February 2011
Pictures of hope 25 February 2011
Wereldkinderen Wikipedia 1 January 2011
Inga auktorisation för Vietnam/No authorization for Vietnam 17 November 2010
Pressuring countries on adoption 'can lead to trafficking' 2 November 2010
Vietnam adoption procedures treat children as 'commodities' 31 October 2010
'From Russia with Love' drama as new stolen Irish passport turns up 10 October 2010
Baby market 8 October 2010
Anatomy of an Adoption Crisis | Foreign Policy 12 September 2010
Oh baby - Authors call for international reform in an assessment of Vietnam’s adoption system 20 August 2010
Scandals at home and abroad have shaken board 14 August 2010
State announces new four laws 9 July 2010
Vietnam law change may allow adoptions to resume 27 June 2010
New adoption agency to bid for clients in coming weeks 14 June 2010
The father and son: From orphanage bond, a family grew 13 June 2010
Written Answers Irish Parliament 1 June 2010
Vietnam: Lawmakers want child adoption fees hiked 28 May 2010
Foreigners to pay more to adopt Vietnamese kids 27 May 2010
Adoption agencies: the shift from evaluators to partners in adoption 25 May 2010
Actualité Vietnam (29 Avril 2010) 29 April 2010
Father takes adopted son to see boy's homeland 17 April 2010
Minister seeks to reopen Vietnam for Irish adoptions 4 April 2010
An Adult Adoptee Decides to Adopt 1 April 2010
Dans les coulisses de l'adoption internationale. Visite d'une "usine à bébés" au Vietnam 25 February 2010
Vietnam's hill tribe children "stolen" for adoption (Feature) 23 February 2010
Vietnam pledges to ensure children’s rights 23 February 2010
Colloque sur les droits de l'enfant et l'adoption internationale - 18/01/2010 18 January 2010
Seminar discusses child rights and adoption 18 January 2010
STOLEN TO ORDER 16 January 2010
A new home for baby offered to me for $10,000. 5 January 2010
Master Thesis: Internationale Illegale Adopties 1 January 2010
CIB busts a surrogate mother ring 27 December 2009
Bringing Madison home: Adoption of Vietnamese toddler has been held up 7 months 30 November 2009
Baby broker: Mrs Tang sells newborns to the orphanage next door 28 November 2009
Vietnam adoption agreement suspended 25 November 2009
Police in Vietnam have arrested two people suspected of trafficking 20 babies in the communist country since 2007, a report said 9 November 2009
Embettled adoption agency defends its role 25 October 2009
Ahern warns of 'anti-adoption bias' 17 October 2009
Minister examines UN reports pointing to concerns at Vietnamese adoptions 6 October 2009
Adoption agency approved in principle October 2009
Senator calls for agency to assist 20 adoptions from Vietnam 23 September 2009
Doctors And Nurses 'Sold Hundreds Of Babies' 22 September 2009
16 on trial in Vietnam adoption scandal 22 September 2009
Adoptions from Vietnam may not be recognised, says board 21 September 2009
Vietnamese adoptions face scrutiny 21 September 2009
FG request interim Vietnam adoption agreement 19 September 2009
Orphanage managers arrested for selling children 19 September 2009
Draft law promotes adoptions by locals 17 September 2009
Three dead infants found in Hanoi dumpster 14 September 2009
Draft adoption law aims to give orphans a better chance in life 12 September 2009
Vietnamese police bust foreign theft ring 15 July 2009
Babyhandelaars opgepakt in Vietnam 15 July 2009
Delegation to seek deal on adoptions from Vietnam 28 June 2009
Three jailed for child trafficking 26 June 2009
`Mistaken orphan' to meet lost father after 34 years 30 May 2009
Operation Babylift from an Adoptees Perspective May 2009
Convention-specific Technical Assistance Programmes 1 January 2009
Adoptees say local adoption system not free from irregularities 14 May 2008
Drie ouderparen dienden klacht in tegen geschorste adoptiedienst 19 February 2002
Belgische Senaat - Handelingen 19 December 2001
'Buitenlandse Zaken blokkeert al weken adopties uit Vietnam' (Belgium) 6 November 2001
Worldwide Orphans Foundation Newsletter 1 November 2001
Vietnam: Doe geen moeite, welk geslacht wenst u? 23 January 1995
De Telegraaf: Adoptie - Twintig jaar helpen (ISS) 16 April 1975
Veel aanvragen voor Vietnamese wezen (geronselde kinderen?) 10 April 1975
Deze week 30 kinderen: Wezen komen ook naar Nederland (Vietnam) 1 January 1975
Bangladesh stuurt voorlopig geen adoptiekinderen 5 December 1974
Department of Defense Position Regarding Children Born Out of Wedlock, 1971 28 June 1971
Vietnamese wezen land niet uit 24 March 1969
Wij kunnen ongelimiteerd Zuidvietnamese kinderen opvangen 1 March 1968
Aanbod kinderen kleiner dan de vraag; buitenlandse kinderen worden hier niet zondermeer erkend 16 December 1967
Voorschriften nog sta-n-de-weg: Honderden pleegouders voor vietnameesjes 19 September 1967
A newer version of the retailer and / or pederast is the
U.S. organization donates over $26,800 for Vietnam orphans