Title Publication date
Danish Report Underscores 'Systematic Illegal Behavior' in South Korean Adoptions 28 January 2024
Balancing the right to know of adoptees and privacy of biological families: Is the Contact Veto Provision the way to go? 19 January 2024
Norway considers halting overseas adoptions as Denmark's only international agency winds down work 17 January 2024
Like the Pope, some people view surrogacy as 'deplorable'. For many, it's a precious gift of parenthood 13 January 2024
Adopting a child from South Korea 30 November 2023
Mia Dambach - Vreaking Through 11 November 2023
My day of reckoning with the Lutheran Church 6 November 2023
Baby trafficking in Chania: Infant of “unknown parents” sold to an Australian woman 6 November 2023
Mothers subjected to forced adoption of babies can apply for $30,000 compensation in Victoria 25 October 2023
ICAV Speech to the UN on 20 September 2023 20 September 2023
Concerns over donor-conceived children prompts warning to WA parliamentary inquiry 18 September 2023
Ethiopian adoptee advocating for better cultural support for families 15 August 2023
Hidden children 13 August 2023
Jigsaw WA calls for adoption redress scheme for mothers, fathers and adoptees 12 August 2023
ATTWIN Position Paper: 19 July 2023
All kinds of wrong: Adoptive mother's declaration of 'regret' should never have been given green light 2 July 2023
'We found your birth mother': How Chile's children were stolen and adopted worldwide 28 June 2023
Select Committee on Birth Trauma 21 June 2023
Andrea always felt like an outsider — now she wants support for all forced adoption survivors 15 June 2023
South Korean inquiry to look into 237 more foreign adoptions suspected to have laundered origins 8 June 2023
Korean Adoption to Australia as Quiet and Orderly Child Migration 6 June 2023
You Should be Grateful is a documentary sharing the experiences of adoption by adoptees 10 April 2023
Letter-calling-for-investigation 30 March 2023
10 Years Since Forced Adoption Apology 23 March 2023
Forced adoption survivors head to Canberra with strong message for federal government 10 years after apology 21 March 2023
‘I couldn’t love her’: the last UK child migrants to Australia on the long, lonely search for their mothers 12 March 2023
Rio Tinto Mining Company Pays $15 Million to Settle US Bribery Accusations 10 March 2023
Widespread forced adoption may be able to help with a major overseas criminal investigation | 7NEWS 25 February 2023
Adoptee Sandra D Moon is taking back her birth name and reclaiming her lost identity 22 February 2023
As support grows for a forced adoption inquiry in WA, there's hope for positive change nationwide 22 February 2023
Western Australia announces parliamentary inquiry into forced adoptions of children 22 February 2023
Forced Adoption: In Australia? An apology. In Wales? An apology. In Scotland? Deafening stony silence 12 February 2023
Northern Ireland’s forced adoption investigation lands on Australian shores 22 January 2023
15 Yrs Back Adopted Australian Girl, Searches Now Her Biological Mother in Odisha - Odisha TV 5 January 2023
Girl adopted by Australian couple 15 years back now searches for her biological mother in Odisha 5 January 2023
Stolen Generations Reparations Package 20 December 2022
Fight to end contact veto restraining orders preventing adopted people contacting their family 16 December 2022
More South Korean adoptees demand probes into their cases - The Washington Post 9 December 2022
Lies, love and deception: inside the cut-throat world of international adoption 6 December 2022
Search 101: A Primer (and More) - Adoptees United 29 November 2022
‘Orphanage babies don’t cry’: My adoption journey 20 November 2022
Stolen babies ­– past still haunts the young mums 1 November 2022
Former Child Migrants Project 1 November 2022
EXCLUSIVE: Woman given up for adoption in Australia by unwed mother who was sent Down Under to have her is reunited 60 years on 31 October 2022
Forced adoption: Brisbane mum’s decades-long search for stolen son 21 October 2022
Ten years on from Tasmania apologising for forced adoptions, many victims are still reeling 19 October 2022
Forced Adoption Compensation 25 August 2022
The Story of Adoption 19 August 2022
Couple slammed for creating 'semen cocktail' in three-man 'orgy' 3 August 2022
UK owes apology for ‘grave wrong’ of forced adoptions 15 July 2022
Separated from family in Ethiopia, these Bull Sharks players have become Bond brothers 14 July 2022
Couple pursued pregnancy through embryo adoption 12 June 2022
INTERCOUNTRY ADOPTEE VOICES (ICAV) We Advocate & Educate from Lived Experience 6 April 2022
Integrated birth certificates for adoptees 5 April 2022
‘We were human beings’: UK families seek apology over historic forced adoptions 20 March 2022
‘I never felt right’: DNA test reveals Melbourne woman introduced to wrong ‘biological mother’ 15 March 2022
‘I never felt right’: DNA test reveals Melbourne woman introduced to wrong ‘biological mother’ 15 March 2022
Danish prime minister personally apologizes to removed Greenland children 10 March 2022
Victorian Government response to the recommendations of the Legislative Assembly Legal and Social Issues Committee’s Inquiry int 9 March 2022
“Collateral damage”: The invasion of Ukraine reminds us of the cost of surrogacy, and who pays the price 8 March 2022
Inside Scotland's mother and baby homes where newborns were taken for adoption 27 February 2022
Queensland parliament to investigate establishing sperm, egg and embryo donor register 24 February 2022
‘My missing piece’: Perth man reconnects with Brazilian family who put him up for adoption 7 February 2022
Forced adoption: 'My baby was taken' 27 January 2022
'Do You Believe in Miracles?' How celebrity faith healer was exposed as rapist and abuser 3 January 2022
Adoption’s ‘primal wound’ goes from an ache to a throb at Christmas 12 December 2021
Adoptions fall to 30-year low amid court delays, border closures 3 December 2021
Controversial mitochondrial donation legislation passed after conscience vote 1 December 2021
My Story – Mike Gore 28 November 2021
What is the adoption process in Australia and why don't more children get adopted? 16 November 2021
An Australian Branch of International Social Service Founded 1 November 2021
"I think that at different stages of life, we need to continually adjust our commitments to find a balance that is aligned with our values and priorities." 1 November 2021
The Children of Sperm Donors Want to Change the Rules of Conception 16 October 2021
Reactivated India-Australia adoption program sees first family adopt Indian child in Northern Territory 7 October 2021
Heartbreak in Ethiopia 15 September 2021
The Best Interests of the Child: More Questions about this Construct? 10 September 2021
Inquiry into responses to historical forced adoption in Victoria 1 August 2021
Intercountry Adoption and Suicide in Australia: A Scoping Review 1 August 2021
Adopted baby boy is found by his mother, 66 years later - in Australia 21 July 2021
Environment Minister appeals ruling she must protect children from climate harm 21 July 2021
Families and Children 7 July 2021
Indigenous man dies in US prison following 30-year fight to come home 3 June 2021
Baby Farming, A Victorian Horror Story 28 May 2021
Hundreds of Stolen Generations survivors to sue the federal government for compensation 28 April 2021
New provider announced for the redesigned Intercountry Adoptee and Family Support Service 8 April 2021
Contentious bill over child adoptions passes in Queensland Parliament despite concerns 24 March 2021
Contentious bill over child adoptions passes in Queensland Parliament despite concerns 24 March 2021
Protocol for Responding to Allegations of Illicit or Illegal Practices in Intercountry Adoption 18 March 2021
Only 34 children were adopted in Queensland last year 17 March 2021
Protocol for Responding to Allegations of Illicit or Illegal Practices in Intercountry Adoption 16 March 2021
feature_article_-worlds_apart.pdf 14 March 2021
‘I’m the Centre Part of a Venn Diagram’: Belonging and Identity for Taiwanese-Australian Intercountry Adoptees 9 March 2021
Summary Report Review of the Intercountry Adoption Family Support (ICAFS) Service 1 March 2021
12-year-old child risks deportation over adoption issue 16 February 2021
Family reunion for Aussie abandoned at birth in Zimbabwe 8 February 2021
How dark world of 'baby farming' was exposed in sensational trial that brought lasting change 27 January 2021
ICAV Lynelle Intro 5 November 2020
‘I want to see you once’: Adopted woman’s plea to biological mother as she extends search to Australia 29 October 2020
ISL Webinar #19 08 10 2020 - Examination of Intercountry Adoptions 8 October 2020
Country Programs | Department of Social Services,… 26 August 2020
Child protection advocates question increased push for adoption in Mason Lee findings 4 June 2020
Consultation on the Intercountry Adoption Family Support Service 22 March 2020
Consultation on the Intercountry Adoption Family Support Service Submission by International Social Service (ISS) Australia 10 March 2020
Lynelle Long – InterCountry Adoptee Voices (ICAV) 1 February 2020
Lynelle Long – InterCountry Adoptee Voices (ICAV) 1 February 2020
Donor-conceived people lobby UN for access to their genetic heritage 20 January 2020
'It walks with you forever': Mothers sue hospital that took their babies 27 December 2019
FOI Request 1920-080 - Decision 6 December 2019
Adoption law should be reformed to give children legal connections to both of their families – here’s why 27 November 2019
Hugh Jackman: 'Australia has an anti-adoption culture' – video 14 November 2019
Aussie parents 'received kidnapped children' from South Korea 10 November 2019
Finding family: ‘I don’t want this Vietnamese woman going to her grave not knowing about her kid’ 30 September 2019
SA Government plans to increase state care adoptions, excluding Aboriginal children 6 September 2019
SA Government plans to increase state care adoptions, excluding Aboriginal children 6 September 2019
Ambassadors 3 September 2019
Rohan Samara tells his adoption story to Insight 24 August 2019
Family caught up in 'surreal complexities' of bringing adopted daughter to Australia 21 August 2019
The reasons behind the 'massive decline' in Australia's adoptions 15 August 2019
Human trafficking and slavery happen every day, in every country 12 August 2019
Fiona Barnett Eyes Wide Open 1 August 2019
Why intercountry adoption needs a rethink 1 August 2019
Perth couple found guilty over abusing daughter, making her sleep in shipping container 26 June 2019
Irish widow reunited with daughter given up for adoption nearly 50 years ago after reading horoscope every week 24 June 2019
'Forced to sleep in shipping container': Perth girl claims adoptive parents abused her 7 June 2019
When Pain and Loss is Too Much 6 June 2019
Sunday Night: Australian woman’s heartbreaking search for mother who abandoned her 13 May 2019
Reactivation of the India-Australia intercountry adoption program 1 April 2019
Forget Me Not 28 March 2019
Back to the Origin: The Woman Helping Adopted People Find Their Birth Parents 14 February 2019
UK child migrants sent to Australia offered $36k compensation 1 February 2019
Notorious celebrity faith healer John of God 'sold babies' to Australians 14 January 2019
Orphan rip-off deceives Bundy’s McDonald’s owners|News Mail 4 January 2019
Anonymous donation of sperm and oocytes: balancing the rights of parents, donors and children 1 January 2019
Aussies scammed by fake orphans scandal 17 December 2018
Aussies scammed by fake orphans scandal 17 December 2018
Aussies scammed by fake orphans scandal 17 December 2018
Adoption without parental consent legalised in NSW 23 November 2018
More than 800 Aboriginal children could be adopted under NSW law change 6 November 2018
'Smitten' with Australian author as steamy video shows lovebirds grinding at dive bar 13 September 2018
UK child migrants sent to Australia sue government over abuse 29 August 2018
Ethiopia post adoption guidelines | Department of… 29 May 2018
FOI Request 19 20-080 - Documents in the form for release 31 March 2018
Inquiry urges payouts for victims of postwar UK child migration scheme 1 March 2018
Adoption & The Right To Search 26 February 2018
ReThink Orphanages: Better solutions for children 20 October 2017
Adoptee Voices Web Series 22 September 2017
For NRIs, adoption dream no child's play 7 August 2017
Exploiting children in orphanages recognised as trafficking 18 July 2017
FOI Request 18/19-102 [SEC=OFFICIAL] (Australia) 16 July 2017
Lion – an incredible true story about mothers, and the primal urge to find home 20 January 2017
Adoptions in Australia fall to record low levels in 2016 20 December 2016
Psychological impact of forced adoption 2 August 2016
Australia: Outrage over child models used to 'sell' adoptee children from broken homes 28 March 2016
NSW police fail to arrest child pornography distributor; foster child adopted by offender 22 August 2015
Andrews to repeal "cruel" adoption laws 7 June 2015
Protocol for Responding to Allegations of Child Trafficking in Intercountry Adoption 1 April 2015
Australian couple abandons surrogate baby in India 8 October 2014
From Calcutta's gutters to Collingwood: Local woman saved by Mother Teresa publishes her story 2 July 2014
Australia: Adoption breakthrough for families seeking to adopt overseas children 26 April 2014
Call for adoption targets and fewer family support services in Australia 15 April 2014
Families to be given $3000 cash hand-out to adopt foster child 12 April 2014
Cambodian mother accuses Australian church of separating her from her children, filmmaker charged over dispute urges Julie Bisho 9 April 2014
Tara Winkler talks losing her partner and community work on “Australian Story” 1 April 2014
idc_report_intercountry_adoption.docx 1 April 2014
Intercountry Adoption Report April 2014
No forced adoption for Aboriginal children 20 March 2014
Foreign adoption barriers unlocked 4 March 2014
Foreign adoption barriers unlocked 4 March 2014
Australia simplifies overseas child adoption 26 January 2014
Misguided Saviors: An Analysis of International Adoption Issues and Necessary Considerations for Prospective Adoptive Parents 1 September 2013
Kids bought from smugglers: father 26 March 2013
Cambodia: Foreign-run orphanage closed after reports of abuse, human trafficking 25 March 2013
Forget Me Not - Annual Report 2011 2012 1 January 2013
Children to get families, not foster care 22 November 2012
Australia: End of the line for Ethiopian adoptions 21 September 2012
Korean-Australian woman finds she was falsely adopted 18 September 2012
Past Adoption Experiences National Research Study on the Service Response to Past Adoption Practices 1 August 2012
Flow of overseas adoptees dries up 8 July 2012
Closure of the Ethiopia Australia Intercountry Adoption Program 28 June 2012
Ethiopia-Australia Intercountry Adoption Program closed 28 June 2012
Before “Lion,” the story behind an unlikely family reunion 10 May 2012
Laos probes sale of babies to Australians 6 February 2012
Child Trafficking and Australia's Intercountry Adoption System 1 January 2012
Orphans of Vietnam: A History of Intercountry Adoption Policy and Practice in Australia, 1968-1975 1 January 2012
Report on Ethiopia delegation – December 2011 December 2011
Uganda: Orphanage Swindles Donor Money 1 October 2011
Adoption case raises fears over trafficking 30 August 2011
Murky business of donor conception is having a brutal effect on the offspring 19 February 2011
Fiji - Overseas adoption query 7 February 2011
Outcomes of Delegation to Ethiopia - 23 December 2010 23 December 2010
Adoption rate in Australia continues its decline 13 December 2010
Senate calls inquiry into forced adoptions 15 November 2010
Call for federal inquiry into forced adoptions 21 October 2010
Victorian court grants adoption to gay man 13 September 2010
Single mothers to get apology 1 September 2010
WA government apologises to unwed mums 19 August 2010
Couple risk fine in revealing their adoption nightmare story 13 August 2010
Families in the dark as adoption chief quits 8 July 2010
Deputy Director-General of CCAA, Ms. Gan Weiwei, Led a Delegation to Visit New Zealand and Australia 10 June 2010
Response from the Attorney-General's Department to questions from ABC News Online June 2010
A happy lucky foundling from China in Australia 1 June 2010
Conclusion of India–Australia Program Review–21 May 2010 21 May 2010
Update on Ethiopia-Australia Intercountry Adoption Program –New Fee Structure and Requirement to Attend Court Hearing – 21 May 2 21 May 2010
Who's playing God? 26 March 2010
'My children were sold for 50 dollars' 19 March 2010
Hague Invitation - June Conference 12 March 2010
Mothers looking for answers after losing babies 11 March 2010
Future of the Ethiopia–Australian Intercountry Adoption Program 4 March 2010
`Forgeries and lies' in Australian adoptions of Ethiopian children 3 March 2010
Fly Away Home 2 March 2010
Sad state of adoption in Australia 26 February 2010
IAWG urges better adoption process 24 February 2010
Joy for adopted twins after Immigration red-tape U-turn 6 February 2010
Couple's dream of family in limbo 11 December 2009
Lives crushed as adoption program halted 9 December 2009
Evelyn raises awareness of adoption 17 November 2009
Australia's Rudd apologizes to forced child migrants 16 November 2009
Deborra-lee Furness pushes for more adoptions 16 November 2009
Pity third world orphans, but they're not a commodity 15 November 2009
Britain to apologize over forced child migrants to Canada 15 November 2009
Silence on case of stolen Indian children 6 November 2009
Heartbreak in Ethiopia/FLY AWAY CHILDREN 14 September 2009
Ethiopia – Single Applicants 10 September 2009
NSW nears gay adoption 15 July 2009
Same-sex adoption row brews 9 June 2009
New Countries Table 1 June 2009
twist in Asia's grim baby trade 25 May 2009
Two Men and Two Babies 22 May 2009
Govt reveals ACT couples caught up in adoption scams 3 March 2009
Please give me the names of adoption agencies in australia? 1 March 2009
Premier can't recall stolen kid cases 25 August 2008
Qld Govt investigates adoption after kidnapping claim 25 August 2008
Australian Gay and Lesbian Law Blog 15 May 2008
Aboriginal stolen children 'were used in leprosy tests' 17 April 2008
Australia report on visit to Kenya 20 April 2007
Babies in limbo 7 October 2006
Babies in limbo 7 October 2006
Public Executive Summary - Review November 2005
Letter Michael and Daniella Potter 13 April 2005
Scars heal slowly as Romanian orphans find new lives 10 August 2002
The Lost Children 3 February 2002
Speech Australian House of Representatives 29 March 1999
Greece's Black-Market Babies Come Home -- Stolen Children Demand To Know Their Histories 22 September 1996
Romania Stops Overseas Adoption Of Its Orphans 11 January 1990
Australians Ask for Orphans From Romania 5 January 1990
Adopting from Romania Extract from 'How many planes to get me?' 1 January 1990
Did 'Lion effect' inspire Australian green light on India adoptions?
Capturing the voices of the intercountry adoption community in the redesign of the Intercountry Adoption Family Support Service


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