Title Publication date
Bangladesh Adoption Information 1 February 2024
The stranger across from me was my sister: how one adoptee uncovered a tragic past 26 January 2024
Bangladesh launches investigation into children ‘wrongly’ adopted overseas 25 January 2024
‘I was told I could visit. Then she went missing’: the Bangladeshi mothers who say their children were adopted without consent 25 January 2024
Activists not convinced about Norwegian adoption investigation 23 January 2024
Swiss authorities looked the other way for decades 8 December 2023
Swiss say thousands of children likely illegally adopted abroad 8 December 2023
Indications of Illegal Adoptions of Children from Ten Countries of Origin in Switzerland, 1970s to 1990s, Inventory of Documents in the Swiss Federal Archives November 2023
One of the world's foremost experts on international adoption, Nigel Cantwell, believes that several changes are needed before an adoption abroad can be said to be in the best interests of the child. 31 October 2023
Design session country-specific pilot project Indonesia started 6 October 2023
Committee on Enforced Disappearances Marks First Anniversary of the Joint Statement on Illegal Intercountry Adoptions 20 September 2023
Intercountry adoption from Bangladesh; appeal by Wereldkinderen and Terre des Hommes to the limitation period is not unacceptable according to standards of reasonableness and fairness; no claim within a reasonable period; claim against State fails for sub 12 September 2023
‘I’ll never know where I’m from’: plight of the adopted children of Bangladesh’s Birangona women 11 August 2023
‘My mother spent her life trying to find me’: the children who say they were wrongly taken for adoption 11 August 2023
US official to be in India to talk to civil society 9 July 2023
Child 'adopted' for Tk 42,000 is returned to mother by police 2 February 2023
The Cappuccino couple's contribution to 1971's war babies' odyssey 22 November 2022
Shanthy became a victim of illegal adoption: 'I felt it immediately: she was my mother' 13 July 2022
Maria Ifversen has been looking for her little sister for over 20 years: »I remember nothing from our childhood. Nothing. " 22 April 2022
Adoption from abroad will soon be allowed again: 'This gives hope of finally having a baby' 11 April 2022
Adopted left with more questions than answers 28 March 2022
The National Board of Appeal's four notes on a study of the Danish adoption agency from Colombia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Sri 17 March 2022
The Social and Elderly Committee (SOU) Alm. share 16 March 2022
The aftermath of transnational illegal adoptions: Redressing human rights violations in the intercountry adoption system with in 31 December 2021
The Hague Court rules on intercountry adoption cases 2 December 2021
Judgments in intercountry adoption cases 24 November 2021
An adopted Bangladeshi girl in search of her biological family 20 June 2021
Joustra Commission report on intercountry adoption - Terre des Hommes in Bangladesh 8 February 2021
Investigation into role of government in illegal adoptions abroad 29 January 2021
A missionary who enlightened Bangladesh's indigenous people - UCA News 27 July 2020
Update: Terre des Hommes en adopties uit Bangladesh 20 May 2020
Rowena (43) werd als baby afgepakt van haar moeder - nu vliegt ze terug naar Bangladesh voor een ontmoeting 8 February 2020
Adoption in Bangladesh: Brave new world, same old law 4 February 2020
Ending the exploitation of children 27 June 2019
Verslag bijeenkomst Wereldkinderen.. 17 June 2019
Project Historie en Roots 17 June 2019
Wereldkinderen: Adopties uit Bangladesh 1970 - 1983 17 June 2019
Voice Recording Gideon 11 June 2019
Unsere Adoptivkinder aus Bangladesch sind eine riesige Belastung und Enttäuschung 11 June 2019
2 get life term for trafficking 2 newborn babies 11 June 2019
A Tale of A Shadowed Woman by Bram Paling 7 June 2019
Landenlijst behoud nationaliteit - Bangladesh 29 April 2019
Bengali Law UN Child Rights Charter 15 April 2019
Chittagong Facebook Post 30 March 2019
Bangladesh Fifa official held for 'defaming' PM Hasina 17 March 2019
War Babies Bangladesh 8 March 2019
Children should not suffer from identity crisis ( aparajeyo - Bangladesh ) 26 February 2019
Alarms about irregularities from the majority of major countries Sweden adopted from 21 February 2019
TONGI - Terres Des Hommes Interview 2019 9 February 2019
From the Baltic to the Bay: Caroline Amena searches for her roots 1 February 2019
From the Baltic to the Bay: Caroline Amena searches for her roots 1 February 2019
From the Baltic to the Bay: Caroline Amena searches for her roots 1 February 2019
The legality of dual citizenship in Bangladesh 15 January 2019
'I've probably been traded' 17 December 2018
Bangladesh en adoptie, beide complex en verwarrend.. deel 1 16 December 2018
Geadopteerde Bibi Hasenaar: ‘Mijn leven is stukgemaakt voor de poen’ 8 December 2018
Onderzoek naar rol Nederlandse ambtenaren bij illegale adopties 6 December 2018
Summary Wereldkinderen Meeting 30/11/2018 30 November 2018
Orphanage graft case: Khaleda Zia challenges 10-year prison term 19 November 2018
Annette Adoption 13 September 2018
On hunt for roots 11 September 2018
Sajeda returns home after 40- yr from Netherlands 14 August 2018
Caroline blev født i Bangladesh: Måske ønskede mine forældre slet ikke at bortadoptere mig 8 June 2018
Lions Clubs honours PM Hasina with Medal of Distinction 29 March 2018
‘Jullie weten alles, wij weten niets. Wij hebben alleen maar leugens!’ 15 December 2017
TERRE DES HOMMES RESPONDS TO ADOPTION STORY IN TROUW 14/10/2017 In response to the article today in the Dutch national newspaper 14 October 2017
Terre des Hommes responds to adoption story in Trouw 14 October 2017
Adoptiekinderen uit Bangladesh: afgestaan of gestolen? 6 June 2017
Adoptiekinderen Bangladesh zonder medeweten van ouders naar Nederland gebracht 3 June 2017
ECLI:NL:RBDHA:2016:13534 Dutch / Bangladesh Adoption 2016 15 November 2016
Bangladesh says goodbye to Fr Homrich, a missionary of the Garo people 17 August 2016
Farewell to a philanthropist | The Daily Star 16 August 2016
Dutch woman on quest for family in Bangladesh 4 February 2016
Information MAK trial 24 August 2014
BANGLADESH - Adoption law ‘needs revision,’ says nun (Mujibor) 8 February 2010
Jack Preger's Book June 2009
Bappi verjaardag » Reisverhalen » antoni-in-bangl… 18 February 2009
Youtube: The Lost Children of Bangladesh 2009
Bangladesh - Tdh yesterday… 1 January 2009
'' Ooit wil ik terug, met mijn gezin '' 23 October 2008
geadopteerd uit Bangladesh - reacties September 2007
Gezocht! 1 April 2006
BANGLADESH Evaluation of the Netherlands Development Programme with Bangladesh, 1972–1996 1 January 2000
What did Dr Preger do in Bangladesh? 1999
"Take This Child": Why Women Abandon Their Infants in Bangladesh 1999
Motalib Weijters terug naar Dhulia 9 April 1998
Ex vertegenwoordiger BIA opgepakt vanwege kindersmokkel 20 January 1983
West Germany: The baby business 15 January 1983
Stories adoptive parents 1 January 1983
Instellingen willen gedragscode ter voorkoming adoptie schandalen 16 May 1981
British doctor speaks of trafficking in children 1 August 1979
Beschuldiging aan adres van Terre des Hommes in Nederland en BIA 1 August 1979
Britse arts spreekt van handel in kinderen 1 August 1979
Kinderhandel in Bangladesh 1 August 1979
Leidsch Dagblad 17/01/1976 17 January 1976
Bangladesh stuurt voorlopig geen adoptiekinderen 5 December 1974
(Dis) Appearing Women in Nationalist Narratives (Part 1): Interview with Respondent 1972
Statistics Bangladesh - Netherlands