Title Publication date
Residential Child and Youth care in a Developing World 3 September 2021
Number of children sent overseas for adoptions even higher than previously thought 8 May 2021
Decades Of Torment: Serbian Parents Demand Answers On Missing Babies 23 May 2018
Prof. Dr. Mila Alekkovic on confiscation of a child, International Press Center 18.12.2017. 18 December 2017
EU Progress Report 2016 9 November 2016
Which party adopt Serbian children? 1 October 2016
Unicef about Serbia, foster and children went to Sweden 1 October 2016
PUT TO PARENTHOOD: How to Serbia to adopt a child; whether they are in PARTY STRENGTHS? 30 September 2016
The boy from a foster family is given up for adoption 30 September 2016
from Zrenjanin, who was a family from Sweden last Friday took from its host Ljiljana Radulovic, which is "Alo!" He wrote yesterd 29 September 2016
Fwd: one more serbia story - THE PROCEDURE OF ADOPTION OF THE CHILD CONTINUES The Swedes are still given a boy from Zrenjanin 29 September 2016
BOY TAKEN FROM THE FOSTER MOTHER, took her baby and gave it to strangers! 28 September 2016
THE DESTINY OF THE ADOPTED BOY SHOOK ENTIRE SERBIA: People will go on the streets because of him! 28 September 2016
Vu?i? has begun and our children to sell to foreigners! (Child has sibling/parents) 28 September 2016
The Council of Europe forced Serbia to finally solve the problem of missing babies 25 September 2016
National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia | Nat… 1 December 2015
News about Tony lake's involvement in Srebrenica 4 July 2015
Donation Adoptionscentrum to Center for Foster Care and Adoption (15.000) 9 June 2015
POHLEPNA DOKTORKA Reklamirala srpsku decu na sajtovima u SAD 16 April 2015
OTKRIVAMO I earned on the adoption of children 14 April 2015
Conference Children on the Move = Question AD to Mr. Pacquet 5 March 2015
Reply Delegation to DG NEAR - IPA and DI 27 February 2015
Note DG NEAR to Delegation: IPA Projects and DI 19 December 2014
Conference about deinstitutionalization held in Belgrade 11 December 2014
Ontario mother says she's forced to give up adopted child to get him help 5 December 2014
Serbia: Baby Theft Proven In 42 Cases 8 November 2014
Representatives of MIA visited the Center 17 September 2014
SERBIAN CHILDREN WAS VERY EXPENSIVE: Doctors stealing babies and sold abroad during the SFRY! 9 September 2014
Serbia Europe's best in extra-institutional child care 12 August 2014
Notice: Adoptions from Serbia to Begin Under the Hague Adoption Convention 19 March 2014
News From Serbia: Hopscotch welcomes home the Spring family’s newest addition from Serbia! 12 March 2014
Rights of the Child Committee Chairman Talks to Delegation of European Commission Experts about Committee’s Results 10 February 2014
Adoption: They're looking for the little ones as well as the image 9 February 2014
Three States join the 1993 Hague Intercountry Adoption Convention 20 December 2013
Latvia's progress in the transition from institutional to community-based care 5 July 2013
SUPRAM’s Secretary General at a meeting on deinstitutionalisation in Serbia 22 June 2013
DOS Adoption Alert: Serbia Adoption 29 March 2013
Missing babies from hospitals: Serbia must give credible answers about what has happened to each child and compensate the parent 26 March 2013
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On the adoption of 70 children waiting for 622 families 2 September 2011
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Congolese children attending school thanks to your generosity 5 September 2010
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ADOPTIONSCENTRUM 3 year project promoting foster homes and national adoptions - Serbia 1 January 2007
Bosnian Orphans: No Dads, No Moms And No Adoptions 25 July 1993
EXPORT BABY What about transfers babies openly in the press even mentioned 1972 1972