Title Publication date
What I Think About International Adoption as a Chinese Adoptee 8 February 2024
Guatemala’s baby brokers: how thousands of children were stolen for adoption 4 January 2024
CFAB - An overview of our history 30 November 2023
Six people arrested in China’s Hubei province over ‘baby-trafficking ring’ 13 November 2023
Six people arrested in China’s Hubei province over ‘baby-trafficking ring’ | China | The Guardian 13 November 2023
Adopted Paula finds her twin sister in China - Geadopteerde Paula vindt haar tweelingzus in China 9 November 2023
Five Years in Reunion as an Intercountry Adoptee 6 November 2023
Slik ble Norge varslet om ulovlige adopsjons-betalinger - VG - This is how Norway was notified of illegal adoption payments 27 October 2023
Five Years in Reunion as an International Adoptee 23 October 2023
International Adoption: Family History vs. DNA 25 August 2023
Explainer: State Department releases annual report on intercountry adoptions 19 July 2023
Outgoing minister Weerwind about wrong adoptions: 'I cannot correct past suffering' 17 July 2023
Fewer and fewer families are able to adopt a child between waiting times, postponements, psychologists, social workers and the courts. And same-parent couples are left with only the hypothesis of foster care 9 July 2023
Chinese woman in search for daughter who was forcibly adopted 40 years ago wants to give her US$138,000 inheritance, wins support online | South China Morning Post 8 July 2023
My kids are virtual twins. They are 4 months apart and not biologically related. 7 July 2023
Adoptees talk about their fates: "We were part of an experiment after all" 3 July 2023
Adoptees Are Using an Unexpected Platform To Shed Light on the Downsides of Adoption 15 June 2023
Exploring variations and influencing factors of illegal adoption: A comparison between child trafficking and informal adoption 1 June 2023
Tirza Kingma writes about adopted son Wen 28 May 2023
POTENTIAL TWINS - Research-China.Org 18 May 2023
Not Feeling “American Enough”: The Mental Impact of Cross-Cultural Adoption 15 May 2023
Foreign adoptee Maiken Helene (22) has felt ugly for large parts of her life 15 May 2023
ANNEX “SEARCH FOR ORIGINS” CHINA Reviewed by local contacts March 2023
Chinese man abducted as child leaves billionaire adoptive family after reuniting with multimillionaire birth parents 10 February 2023
Chinese-born woman sues adoptive parents for allegedly locking her in basement, forced slavery and racist treatment 4 February 2023
Fiom : Adoption and DNA testing: an ongoing journey 1 February 2023
US Woman Helps A’bad Children On Empathy 25 January 2023
Jewish doctor rescues abandoned girls in India 12 December 2022
Lies, love and deception: inside the cut-throat world of international adoption 6 December 2022
The scandal of “stolen” children: the drift of a French association at the heart of a judicial investigation 23 November 2022
Noëmi (26) was linked to the wrong biological father: "Everyone says DNA doesn't lie, until it does" 12 October 2022
After testimony from Noëmi who is linked to the wrong biological father: "Don't let biological descent be purely commercial" 12 October 2022
Adoptions from six countries must be scrutinized 31 August 2022
Guangxi Family Planning Scandal 6 July 2022
'We Are Family' is looking for roots adoptive sisters and turns to Filip and Yang Naudts for good advice 23 May 2022
Why is family so important? Lidewij Nuitten finds out in the new 'We are family' 11 May 2022
China sees DNA as a natural resource and is building a huge gene database 26 April 2022
Oversea adoptees face unique challenges worth discussing 6 April 2022
New study: How stressed are adopted children and their parents? 5 March 2022
China teen, 17, who was put up for adoption, commits suicide after his birth parents reject him again 25 January 2022
‘Don’t want to see me anymore? See you in court’: Chinese teenager sold at birth by parents sues them for deserting him again af 20 January 2022
China child trafficking: teen tracks down parents who sold him at birth, only to be rejected again 18 January 2022
A daughter of 2 countries shares her story 16 January 2022
The Relationship between Intercountry Adoption and Human Trafficking 16 January 2022
Not always enough adoptive parents in their own country 29 December 2021
France: why are international adoptions in free fall? 28 December 2021
Letter from the Chinese government to the Dutch Ministry of Justice. 27 December 2021
Senate Ratifies Pact That Seeks to Protect Children In International Adoptions 23 December 2021
Adoption’s ‘primal wound’ goes from an ache to a throb at Christmas 12 December 2021
As a Long-Lost Son is Found, a Dilemma: Arrest His Other Parents? 11 December 2021
New report: Half of Norwegian foreign adoptees experience being discriminated against 22 November 2021
Challenging the narrative of adoption: Who tells the story? 19 November 2021
Challenging the narrative of adoption: Who tells the story? 19 November 2021
North Texas woman who played role in horrific abuse pleads guilty in adoption scam Read more at: 19 November 2021
Examining International Adoption 9 November 2021
The New Question Haunting Adoption 19 October 2021
Netflix Releases Trailer for Chinese Adoptee Documentary ‘Found’ (Exclusive) 7 October 2021
'It is our moral duty to put the best interests of the adoptee first' 15 September 2021
Youqine Lefèvre on the trail of (her own) adoption 9 August 2021
Youqine Lefèvre on the trail of (her own) adoption 9 August 2021
Police arrest a woman in China who they say used her medical-technology company as a front for buying and selling babies 6 August 2021
Confessions of a Trafficking Victim 3 August 2021
Adoptees from China and Taiwan all end up well, and that's the problem 2 August 2021
Adopted children from China recognize their native language 28 July 2021
Tokyo Olympics: Adopted from China, Canada’s Maggie MacNeil wins gold and Chinese social media laments its one-child policy 27 July 2021
This family's 24-year search for their abducted son inspired a movie. They've just been reunited 14 July 2021
Growing up in an adoptive or foster family: 'That's not your 'real' sister, is it?' 24 June 2021
Origin story: the truth behind an international adoption 31 May 2021
Xueli Abbing: The abandoned baby who became a Vogue model 30 April 2021
Xueli Abbing: The abandoned baby who became a Vogue model 30 April 2021
Abandoned as babies and adopted by Western parents, the women searching for answers in Hong Kong 4 April 2021
Hundreds of US families have been trying for a year to adopt children from China. They're still waiting 26 March 2021
Nikwi found her biological parents surprisingly quickly: 'Now much more is possible' 26 March 2021
The other side of adoption 10 March 2021
The other side of adoption 10 March 2021
Half of all adult adoptees have searched for birth information 17 February 2021
Don't dismiss adoption abuses - NRC 16 February 2021
They are not surprised by the criticism of adoption: 'A child was regularly given a name that was invented on the spot' 9 February 2021
Remco is a diplomat and lives in China with his husband and three children: 'Back in the closet a bit' 25 January 2021
Research-China.Org: It Is Time For the Adoption Community to Take Searching Seriously 4 January 2021
Country Programs | Department of Social Services,… 26 August 2020
Extra support makes world of a difference post-adoption 14 July 2020
The Chinese get over their shame to look for daughters given away 2 July 2020
Chinezen zetten zich over hun schaamte heen om op zoek te gaan naar weggegeven dochters 2 July 2020
For people in China, adopting Chinese children is getting easier 4 June 2020
About – International Child Search Alliance 8 May 2020
Ukraine busts ‘human trafficking ring’ that sold BABIES to Chinese ‘single men of certain orientation’ 26 April 2020
China cracks down on illegal online adoptions after rape allegations against foster father emerge 17 April 2020
China should ease pain from one-child policy repercussions 9 December 2019
Baby farms: A new kind of sex trafficking 28 September 2019
Kay Ann Johnson, 73, Who Studied China’s One-Child Policy, Dies 29 August 2019
Parents sue Centennial adoption agency claiming they weren’t informed of Chinese son’s sexual-abuse issues 14 August 2019
Parents sue Centennial adoption agency claiming they weren’t informed of Chinese son’s sexual-abuse issues 14 August 2019
DNAConnect 29 July 2019
Draft law may tighten adoption control 2 July 2019
New Report Shows International Adoption Edging Closer To Extinction 2 April 2019
After a lifetime of searching, two adopted Chinese find their birth parents 19 March 2019
DNA helping Chinese adoptees do what was once impossible: Locate blood relatives in this country 15 March 2019
Alarms about irregularities from the majority of major countries Sweden adopted from 21 February 2019
Meisje drie weken na adoptie naar pleeggezin 13 February 2019
Le nombre d'adoptions internationales toujours en baisse 2 February 2019
China will facilitate children adopted abroad search biological family 26 January 2019
Foreign adoptees to get more help finding roots 26 January 2019
China facilitará a niños adoptados en extranjero búsqueda familia biológica 26 January 2019
Grausam! Gestohlene Kinder – schreckliche Enthüllung von Babyhandel – ‚Stolen‘ newborn babies: Babies for sale 18 January 2019
Immigration, Adoption and Our National Identity 1 January 2019
Personal Essay by a Chinese adoptee: I returned to China to find my biological family and discover my cultural roots 18 November 2018
China’s Child Trafficking Problem its Unwanted Children 19 August 2018
One is Chinese. One is American. How a journalist discovered and reunited identical twins 8 August 2018
Kristersson betrayed the stolen children 20 July 2018
The ‘Soft-Referral’ Ban for International Adoptions Hurts Special Needs Children 8 July 2018
Transgender Mom of 9 Children: “Most Meaningful Thing She’s Ever Done” 22 June 2018
European Parliament: Briefing - Adoption of children in the European Union 1 June 2016
Temporary Suspension of Villa Hope 18 February 2016
Chinese adoptive father hugs his daughter as he hands her back to her biological parents after discovering she had been kidnappe 4 February 2016
Swiss newspaper: apology from Dalai Lama extremely important 3 December 2015
Adoptions approved for abduction victims 18 September 2015
Those who purchase trafficked children to face punishment 31 August 2015
Latest Trafficking Scandal a Wake-Up Call for Adoption Reform 30 January 2015
34 Suspects Arrested In Human Trafficking Case, 11 Infants Rescued 3 November 2014
13 INVESTIGATES: Overseas Adoption Dangers 19 May 2014
Fraud Revealed - a military family's real life story of discovering human trafficking 13 January 2014
Desperate Chinese Parents Team Up to Look for Missing Children 10 January 2014
Hebei parents seek daughter two decades after she was taken by one-child policy enforcers 5 December 2013
Chinese village ‘in lockdown’ as parents sue government over lost child 31 October 2013
Momma Mia! 23 October 2013
Swiss film highlights 'Tibetan orphans' taken from birth parents 17 October 2013
Misguided Saviors: An Analysis of International Adoption Issues and Necessary Considerations for Prospective Adoptive Parents 1 September 2013
Verfahren vor Landgericht eingestellt: Emsländerin ohne Glück bei Adoption 23 February 2013
China: Child Trafficking Sweep Rescues 89 28 December 2012
Child Abandonment and its Prevention in Europe 1 January 2012
As waiting times increase, fewer choosing adoption 19 October 2011
Chinese orphanages buying babies for foreign adoption, investigation finds 14 October 2011
China's Missing Children 10 October 2011
For Adoptive Parents, Questions Without Answers 19 September 2011
Families hold out hope for the return of stolen babies 5 August 2011
Illegal children will be confiscated 21 July 2011
Parents of Missing Children Arrested for Prostitution 28 June 2011
Authorities trafficking 'illegal' children 8 June 2011
5 Ridiculous Things People Steal 28 May 2011
"Illegal" Babies Abducted by Chinese Population Control Officials 26 May 2011
Reporting in China 25 May 2011
Canadian parents wary as China confronts baby trafficking 25 May 2011
Probe into Chinese baby adoptions 17 May 2011
Chinese baby trafficking leaves farmers forlorn 16 May 2011
China's government trafficking babies from poor families 15 May 2011
40 arrested in China for child trafficking 13 May 2011
In Hunan, Family Planning Turns to Plunder 11 May 2011
Family-planning officials took & sold babies: report 10 May 2011
Police look into children with obscure IDs 14 April 2011
New Life Adoption Agency in Syracuse closing 25 March 2011
Baby Girl Abandoned on the Street in China Because she is Blonde 24 November 2010
Police arrest 13 for child trafficking, rescued infants still unidentified 18 October 2010
Chinese Parents Search for Missing Children 5 October 2010
Parents descend on Beijing to hunt for China's stolen children 5 October 2010
Prosecutor says defendant in human trafficking case could face more charges 9 September 2010
Minister Kenney’s visit to France, India, China, and the Philippines to focus on greater international cooperation on shared imm 3 September 2010
More convicted for human trafficking 1 September 2010
Human Traffickers Receive Severe Sentences in China 31 August 2010
Wanted: Special families for special children from China 22 August 2010
New Special Needs Policy from CCAA 18 August 2010
China police rescue 22 abducted women, children 5 August 2010
China - Discovering her birth parents was an exciting adventure for a 15-year-old girl 2 August 2010
China Opens New Program! August 2010
Police use DNA against human trafficking 28 July 2010
Girl to visit a home she never knew 21 July 2010
Another adoption tragedy taints Tennessee 18 July 2010
Lawyers For Doctor Accused of Killing Daughter Speak Out 13 July 2010
Hague Conference on International Private Law Held the Third Special Commission Meeting 1 July 2010
Amy Eldridge of LWB Speaks 1 July 2010
CCAA Delegation Headed by Deputy Director-General Ms. Chu Xiaoying Visited Sweden and Norway 22 June 2010
De facto statelessness places adoption on the table for children of N.Korean women in China 17 June 2010
Pastors focus on missions, adoption 16 June 2010
Chinese Embassy holds reception for American families with children adopted from China 13 June 2010
Chinese man convicted for selling son on Internet 11 June 2010
Deputy Director-General of CCAA, Ms. Gan Weiwei, Led a Delegation to Visit New Zealand and Australia 10 June 2010
Deputy Director-General of CCAA, Gan Weiwei, Met with Visitors from Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands 3 June 2010
Police Rescue 311 Kids in Abduction Crackdown 1 June 2010
A happy lucky foundling from China in Australia 1 June 2010
Three million babies hidden 31 May 2010
Young Chinese arrivals pure joy for Canadian families 31 May 2010
Ju County destroyed a large criminal gangs trafficking in babies 27 May 2010
Menschenhandel in China Kinder stehlen, Kinder kaufen 23 May 2010
As Profitable as the Drug Trade 21 May 2010
"Four-day baby" is hidden in a bag sale thousands of miles 14 May 2010
More Christians Stepping Up to Orphan Care Challenge 30 April 2010
Pastors' lineup includes adoption focus 23 April 2010
Qinghai authorities pledge to assist earthquake orphans 20 April 2010
Adopted boy, 3, in a coma; parents investigated 8 April 2010
Consulate General Guangzhou Issues One Thousand Hague Adoption Visas April 2010
Most Adoptions From China Now Special-Needs Cases 28 March 2010
Adopting a Young Teen 1 March 2010
23 on trial in China's biggest baby-selling case 23 February 2010
Blog: Baby Trafficking (China) 17 February 2010
Fate of Chinese baby depends on parents consent to treatment 12 February 2010
A family in China made babies their business 24 January 2010
Xinran: China's lost girls 23 January 2010
Parents of abducted children protest in south China 18 January 2010
American adoptive father daughter rape case cited concern about China adoption process has been questioned 5 January 2010
To combat trafficking of children Suggestions 2010
Child Trafficking Within China Has Penetrated Most Provinces 8 December 2009
AAI Annual Holiday Letter 8 December 2009
Rescued kid refuses to return to parents 7 December 2009
Escalation of Child Trafficking in China 6 December 2009
Adoptive Parents Worry Their Babies Were Sold December 2009
Briefing by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Michele Bond on National Adoption Day 20 November 2009
Chinese culture embraced by Canadian adoptive family 17 November 2009
Girl reunited with father after 16 years in central China 12 November 2009
DCSF meeting with the China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) on 15 October 2009 12 November 2009
Accounts of Chinese children being kidnapped, bartered and sold to orphanages have many adopters wondering about their children. 11 November 2009
Final stretch of the year! 1 November 2009
Special Need: pneumonia November 2009
Child trafficking ring busted 23 October 2009
Canada queries China on child abduction claims 19 October 2009
Mom hopes feds take notice of China's adoption system 13 October 2009
Deputy Director-General Gan Weiwei Led a Delegation to Visit the Netherlands and United Kingdom 11 October 2009
Kidnapping fears lead N. S. mother to call for halt to adoptions from China 26 September 2009
Mom questions China's adoption system 26 September 2009
China’s adoption system worries Canadian mom 25 September 2009
Reactie van voormalig directeur van Wereldkinderen ( Edited Version ) - CHINA 23 September 2009
Chinese babies stolen by officials for foreign adoption 20 September 2009
A young Chinese girl pines for her twin 20 September 2009
Some Chinese parents say their babies were stolen for adoption 20 September 2009
The Speed Up Rumor 10 September 2009
Couple sold girl to raise sons 9 September 2009
Criminal Investigation Bureau busts smugglers 9 August 2009
Child-trafficking ring smashed: media 9 August 2009
Babyhandelaars opgepakt in Vietnam 15 July 2009
Adoption scandal sheds light on orphanages' struggle 14 July 2009
Orphanage scandal officials punished 3 July 2009
Weer adoptieschandaal China 3 July 2009
China Checks Out Charges Babies Taken From Home 3 July 2009
Baby girls taken and sold for adoption 3 July 2009
Girls seized, handed over for adoption 2 July 2009
Focus on China’s family planning laws July 2009
"Create" an abandoned child 1 July 2009
Reported theft of girls from families to give them up for adoption by foreigners 1 July 2009
AIT requires face-to-face interviews for kids’ US visas 20 June 2009
Dozens of human smugglers captured 19 June 2009
Taiwan's 'largest' human smuggling ring smashed 19 June 2009
Taiwan smashes 'largest-ever' human smuggling ring 18 June 2009
Taiwan smashes 'largest-ever' human smuggling ring 18 June 2009
Largest-ever human smuggling ring smashed (Update-1) 18 June 2009
Outcomes of DCSF meeting with China Center of Adoption Affairs 20 May 2009
Woman sentenced to death for trafficking 49 children 17 April 2009
Parents found selling kids' identity to trafficking ring 9 October 2008
Chinese children's homes pay for children 9 September 2008
Are U.S. Dollars Supporting Abortion in China? 4 February 2008
Pauw & Witteman - Spoorloos China - Ina Hut about consequences searches China January 2008
Adoption for Italian couple?! 25 October 2007
Chinees adoptiemeisje vindt ouders terug 26 January 2007
Adoption Advocate Answers Your Questions 12 January 2007
Guangchang a couple inexplicably lost daughter 13 October 2006
Internet 'Baby Sale' Sparks Investigation 20 October 2005
Spanish Adoption Rates Hit All-Time High 4 May 2005
Baby trafficking case detected in Guangxi serious documentary 1 May 2004
Hollands Dagboek: Dick Schoof 28 October 2000
An Overview of Adoption in China in the 1990s 25 April 1999
Support center for adoption questions 13 May 1998
Board right to appeal Chinese ruling 26 April 1996
The Description and Accusations About China's Children's Welfare Institutions by Britain's Channel Four and the Human Rights Wat 1 January 1996
Booming baby trade in central china 15 November 1988
China tries out changes to one-child rule
“One Child Nation,” Reviewed: A Powerful Investigation of a Chinese Policy’s Personal Toll