Title Publication date
Abused foster children: Europe calls for compensation to be paid to victims 26 January 2024
Calcutta HC Dismisses Swiss Citizen’s Plea Against Adoption Firm 7 January 2024
Calcutta High Court Declines Swiss Citizen's Plea Against Adoption Agency Which Failed To Preserve His Adoption Records From 1988 6 January 2024
BARO 14 December 2023
UDHR75: Revitalising the universal commitment to all children’s rights, with and for children 12 December 2023
Switzerland and irregular adoptions: a second step 10 December 2023
Illegal adoptions: “Those affected must be supported” 9 December 2023
Joint statement (Espace A, International Social Service SSI, PACH Nursing and Adopted children Switzerland, tracing service Swiss Red Cross SRK) 8 December 2023
Swiss authorities looked the other way for decades 8 December 2023
Swiss say thousands of children likely illegally adopted abroad 8 December 2023
Report on illegal adoptions: Have there been thousands of other irregularities in Switzerland? 8 December 2023
Search for origins: a first step 15 November 2023
Indications of Illegal Adoptions of Children from Ten Countries of Origin in Switzerland, 1970s to 1990s, Inventory of Documents in the Swiss Federal Archives November 2023
Evidence of illegal adoptions of children from ten countries of origin in Switzerland, 1970s to 1990s: inventory of documents in the Swiss Federal Archives 1 November 2023
Evidence of illegal adoptions of children from ten countries of origin in Switzerland, 1970s to 1990s 1 November 2023
Empfehlungen der Arbeitsgruppe Herkunftssuche zur Unterstützung von adoptierten Personen - Recommendations of the working group Origin search for support of adopted people 27 October 2023
International adoptions Recommendations from the Origin Search Working Group to support adopted people 27 October 2023
Swiss babies exported all over the world 13 October 2023
Committee on Enforced Disappearances Marks First Anniversary of the Joint Statement on Illegal Intercountry Adoptions 20 September 2023
Adoptions in forced situations: The National and international history Adoptions in Switzerland from the 1960s to today September 2023
Adopted at 6, 51-year-old Swiss seeks birth parents in Kolkata 19 August 2023
They publicized the baby trade from Sri Lanka 4 August 2023
'We found your birth mother': How Chile's children were stolen and adopted worldwide 28 June 2023
BARO – Bureau d'Aide à la Recherche des Origines 26 June 2023
29 November - 1 December 2023: Conference: The 'manufactured child' - What are the challenges for children’s rights, identity and origins? 23 June 2023
Reader question: Is Pforzheim city councilor Oana Krichbaum really a lawyer? 20 May 2023
Mum's battle to bring her boys back home 20 April 2023
Cate Riley doesn't get a Swiss passport 23 February 2023
France and irregular international adoptions: a necessary restorative justice 12 February 2023
Switzerland: Adoptive Mothers and Fathers in Switzerland to Receive Two Weeks of Paid Adoption Leave 27 November 2022
Township Council wants to investigate illegal adoptions in Sri Lanka 13 September 2022
roots in nowhere 28 August 2022
St. Gallen failed to enforce the law for the children involved 7 July 2022
The aftermath of transnational illegal adoptions: Redressing human rights violations in the intercountry adoption system with in 31 December 2021
Stop au trafic d'enfants et aux adoptions illegales ! 23 September 2021
Residential Child and Youth care in a Developing World 3 September 2021
The systematization of 'child exports' for economic and political aims 13 August 2021
Adoption stories from India that could, and should, have been just one of joy 25 May 2021
Irregular adoptions: Committee on Enforced Disappearances takes position 16 May 2021
Illegal adoptions / Sri Lanka: investigations requested from Switzerland 11 May 2021
Concluding observations on the report submitted by Switzerland in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 29 of the Convention 1 11 May 2021
Switzerland urged to pay reparations for illegal adoptions from Sri Lanka 11 May 2021
INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL SERVICE BY-LAWS (Adopted at the 2021 Extraordinary International Council, 7 April, Teleconference) 7 April 2021
Guatemala: children adopted from civil war join forces 25 February 2021
Child trafficking and illegal adoptions 22 December 2020
Corruption in Adoption - The Child Deal | Daily indicator 26 April 2020
Make the child traffickers responsible 17 April 2020
Livia Lalita goes to Mumbai 29 December 2019
CRC30_Conference_FullProgramme_EN-1.pdf 18 November 2019
International adoptions - a Swiss scandal 25 September 2019
Weggesperrt – und dem Staat ausgeliefert 2 September 2019
Adopted from Kerala at the age of 4, visiting Swiss MP recalls his roots in the state 1 August 2019
Indian Origin Swiss Lawmaker Visits "Home Town" In Kerala's Thalassery 31 July 2019
Enfin ensemble, 20 ans après leur adoption 22 June 2019
Fragwürdiges Familienglück auf Bestellung 6 March 2019
Chasing a lie from Switzerland to Sri Lanka 2 March 2019
Wurden Säuglinge aus Spitälern gestohlen? 28 January 2019
National symposium Search origin today: Current Questions & Perspectives 8 May 2018
Experts meeting to discuss international reponses to surrogacy at University of Verona 20 May 2017
Swiss couple told to give back adopted daughter 4 July 2016
Swiss newspaper: apology from Dalai Lama extremely important 3 December 2015
Congo clears the way for 72 adoptions after 2-year wait 2 November 2015
Swiss film highlights 'Tibetan orphans' taken from birth parents 17 October 2013
Der Kampf um die Waisenkinder 8 September 2013
Misguided Saviors: An Analysis of International Adoption Issues and Necessary Considerations for Prospective Adoptive Parents 1 September 2013
Terre des hommes will no longer be organizing adoptions 6 March 2013
Spread of 'baby boxes' in Europe alarms United Nations 10 June 2012
Die verschwundenen Kinder von El Salvador 29 August 2011
Norway offers residence permits in exchange for children 12 August 2011
Parliament approves motion on adoption laws 10 March 2011
Recalling the pain of forced adoption 2 March 2011
eine Reise in die Vergangenheit (Reunion) 18 December 2010
Court rules on adoption by grandparent 22 September 2010
Russian Ministry of Education and Science releases new list of homestudy agencies with missing postplacement reports 10 April 2010
IAWG urges better adoption process 24 February 2010
La boîte à bébés, boîte à controverses 13 February 2010
Zwei Kinder sitzen in Chile fest, weil ihre Adoptiveltern nach dem Erdbeben sofort helfen wollten. 7 February 2010
Adoption: neuf enfants haïtiens sont arrivés en Suisse 29 January 2010
Trafican?i de copii în ?ara Cantoanelor 20 November 2009
Uncovering a hidden past 14 November 2009
Girl reunited with father after 16 years in central China 12 November 2009
Swiss Dear Birthmother Website 23 June 2009
Nepalese parents claim their children adopted in Spain - Whistleblowers NGOs in the delivery of children with local family 3 March 2009
French authorities visit Haiti 22 January 2009
Embassies push for transparency in adoptions 7 December 2008
Illegaler Babyhandel Schweizer Behörden schauen weg! 28 November 2008
Es gibt kein Recht auf Adoption 8 September 2008
MEEUS : WEIDELI August 2008
ISS - Adoption THE SEARCH OF ORIGINS February 2007
Swiss adoptions from Russia 2007
Traffickers orphans in Romania ii tepuiesc on foreign pictures and presentations type Teleshopping 22 March 2006
Report of the Federal Council on adoptions in Switzerland (Response to Hubmann's postulate "Report on the adoptions") 17 March 2005
Foreigners Vie to Adopt Black U.S. Babies 5 March 2005
First Swiss conference on the international adoption 29 October 2004
Placement agencies for adopted children 10 June 2004
Parliamentary paper 2001-2002 28457 No. 3 9 July 2002
Directors of Adoptions and maternity hospitals involved in the sale of children 2001
Adoption von Kindern aus Haiti 4 March 1998
The Network - Adoptions Romania 1 January 1991
New life in THE OLD HOME
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