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Sri Lanka


Title Publication date
Activists not convinced about Norwegian adoption investigation 23 January 2024
Genesis of the project: International Social Service 19 January 2024
Illegal adoptions: “Those affected must be supported” 9 December 2023
Report on illegal adoptions: Have there been thousands of other irregularities in Switzerland? 8 December 2023
Swiss authorities looked the other way for decades 8 December 2023
Swiss say thousands of children likely illegally adopted abroad 8 December 2023
Child trafficking: Sri Lankan children victims of trafficking (and easy passports) 29 November 2023
CID launches probe on Sri Lankan infant selling racket 25 November 2023
Sri Lankan infants being trafficked abroad: CID launches probe 24 November 2023
Blog | Liability for adoption abuse; an update 16 November 2023
Swiss babies exported all over the world 13 October 2023
In search of the truth: Sri Lankan adoptee Sebastian Jensen’s search for his family 16 September 2023
They publicized the baby trade from Sri Lanka 4 August 2023
Deborah's painful adoption story: 'I made good money at the time' 28 July 2023
"Was my mother paid to give me up?" Looking for government recognition for mistakes in adoption 25 July 2023
Adoptees from Sri Lanka hold the state liable for abuses 25 July 2023
Adoptees talk about their fates: "We were part of an experiment after all" 3 July 2023
Dr. Aurangasri Hinriksson : Brave Lankan lady knighted for her battle against baby farm racket - Opinion | Daily Mirror 27 June 2023
How people adopted abroad are trapped by pseudo-detectives 23 June 2023
No Place Like Home: Tracing roots from Norway to Sri Lanka 31 May 2023
Authentic, honest anthropologist - Om | Kirapumali 3 May 2023
France and irregular international adoptions: a necessary restorative justice 12 February 2023
Norway to investigate illegal adoptions from Sri Lanka, up to 11,000 children may be involved 23 January 2023
Lies, love and deception: inside the cut-throat world of international adoption 6 December 2022
Real life: Sam discovered that her adoption has been cheated 3 December 2022
The Ministry must make black lacquered documents from the adoption file public - Zembla - BNNVARA 24 November 2022
Township Council wants to investigate illegal adoptions in Sri Lanka 13 September 2022
Adoptions from six countries must be scrutinized 31 August 2022
roots in nowhere 28 August 2022
The Story of Adoption 19 August 2022
Support adopted children who are looking for their own parents with a fund 18 July 2022
Dilani Butink equated in Sri Lanka adoption case 14 July 2022
Shanthy became a victim of illegal adoption: 'I felt it immediately: she was my mother' 13 July 2022
St. Gallen failed to enforce the law for the children involved 7 July 2022
Too Asian To Be Irish, Too Irish To Be Asian 22 June 2022
Adoption from abroad will soon be allowed again: 'This gives hope of finally having a baby' 11 April 2022
Adopted left with more questions than answers 28 March 2022
The National Board of Appeal's four notes on a study of the Danish adoption agency from Colombia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Sri 17 March 2022
The Social and Elderly Committee (SOU) Alm. share 16 March 2022
Sam never wants to fill in the wrong date of birth again: 'It's a lie' 25 February 2022
Blood connection isn't everything 22 February 2022
The Relationship between Intercountry Adoption and Human Trafficking 16 January 2022
The aftermath of transnational illegal adoptions: Redressing human rights violations in the intercountry adoption system with in 31 December 2021
Finally, Linn has got the answer: Found mother and brother after 35 years 17 December 2021
“It is imperative to place rights and ethics at the center of the international adoption system” 10 December 2021
wanted and not found - gezocht en (niet) gevonden 25 November 2021
Judgments in intercountry adoption cases 24 November 2021
Sharinda on her adoption from Sri Lanka: 'Who says I couldn't have been happy there?' 23 November 2021
'Bad taste of people who cannot have children and therefore adopt' 12 November 2021
A DNA test should provide clarity about the alleged siblings of Fabienne (39), who was adopted from Sri Lanka. 19 October 2021
Adopted Linn found her mother and brother in Sri Lanka after 35 years 12 September 2021
Adopted Sam sues state: 'I want my own date of birth in my passport' 8 July 2021
Is there a future for adoption? Sure, but there's a lot of work to be done 5 July 2021
TESTIMONY. Tarn-et-Garonne: parents victims of a mafia adoption network file a complaint for fraud 2 July 2021
Adopted in Sri Lanka in 1985, she denounces child trafficking and files a complaint against X 2 July 2021
Amanda: 'I'm not the person on my adoption papers' 13 June 2021
Irregular adoptions: Committee on Enforced Disappearances takes position 16 May 2021
“Adopted people: right to security!” 13 May 2021
Concluding observations on the report submitted by Switzerland in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 29 of the Convention 1 11 May 2021
Illegal adoptions / Sri Lanka: investigations requested from Switzerland 11 May 2021
Switzerland urged to pay reparations for illegal adoptions from Sri Lanka 11 May 2021
The Influencing Force 23 April 2021
How 4 adults are still struggling with their adoption: 'Woman in the photo on my bedside table turned out not to be my mother' 16 April 2021
The ‘Baby Farms’ of Sri Lanka 11 April 2021
Sri Lanka adoption: The babies who were given away 14 March 2021
Nova-Lilly (33) on her adoption: "Why had the agency placed me with such a woman?" 10 March 2021
'My adoptive mother didn't want me' 27 February 2021
Guatemala: children adopted from civil war join forces 25 February 2021
Gratitude and despair after foreign adoptions stop: 'My adoptive parents saved my life' 21 February 2021
They are not surprised by the criticism of adoption: 'A child was regularly given a name that was invented on the spot' 9 February 2021
Threshold removed for lawsuits after 'shocking' report on adoption abuses 8 February 2021
Dilani Butink raised adoption abuses: 'years have been looked away' 8 February 2021
Minister Dekker: international adoption immediately suspended after damning report 8 February 2021
Adopted Chamila Seppenwoolde: 'Every international adoption causes irreparable damage' 7 February 2021
"Government must stop foreign adoptions," Amanda has been fighting for years 6 February 2021
Investigation into role of government in illegal adoptions abroad 29 January 2021
Alleged “Baby Farmer” given bail in Moratuwa 23 December 2020
Child trafficking and illegal adoptions 22 December 2020
From orphan to football agent: the remarkable journey of Michael Kallbäck 22 December 2020
Adoption Deception - Part 4 27 November 2020
Fwd: Moeder vindt zoon bijna 16 jaar na tsunami Sri Lanka terug (Mother finds son again almost 16 years after tsunami Sri Lanka) 29 September 2020
Judge in adoption case: barred 9 September 2020
Country Programs | Department of Social Services,… 26 August 2020
Baudouin's story 1 August 2020
Alterations to Future Birth Certificates: What It Means for the Next Generation 24 July 2020
Sri Lankan adoption fraud lawyer: 'Not a child in need, but business' 18 May 2020
Corruption in Adoption - The Child Deal | Daily indicator 26 April 2020
Make the child traffickers responsible 17 April 2020
Das Schicksal der verkauften Kinder aus Sri Lanka 27 February 2020
Waarom Eva de geboortedatum uit haar paspoort wil wijzigen: ‘Ik mis al mijn hele leven een identiteit’ 31 December 2019
Adoption: yes or no? 30 September 2019
International adoptions - a Swiss scandal 25 September 2019
Waarom je geen boekjes over adoptie moet lezen 21 September 2019
Adoptée, Émilie Ducrot soutient que l'adoption internationale n'est "pas une chance" 18 September 2019
Adoptions illégales d’enfants sri-lankais : Neil et Nour en quête de leurs vraies origines 9 August 2019
Adoptionsturismen till Sri Lanka 1 July 2019
Adoption tourism to Sri Lanka 1 July 2019
Les victimes d'un vaste trafic à l'adoption au Sri Lanka, en quête de vérité sur leurs origines 25 June 2019
Enfin ensemble, 20 ans après leur adoption 22 June 2019
Zodra met adopties geld te verdienen valt, loert fraude om de hoek 18 May 2019
United Nations concerned over selling of Sri Lankan children 12 May 2019
Adoptiekinderen die kat de bel aanbonden blijven met wrang gevoel zitten bij onderzoek naar fraude 2 May 2019
Baby-Handel in Sri Lanka: Umstrittene Vermittlerin hat Kinder im Aargau platziert 3 April 2019
'Weeshuistoerisme debat is te eenzijdig' - Child Rights Focus 1 April 2019
ADOPTION OF CHILDREN ORDINANCE Arrangement of Sections 27 March 2019
"In het middelbaar deden medestudenten de Hitlergroet" 23 March 2019
Adoption – The responsibility is to the child 10 March 2019
Fragwürdiges Familienglück auf Bestellung 6 March 2019
Chasing a lie from Switzerland to Sri Lanka 2 March 2019
Alarms about irregularities from the majority of major countries Sweden adopted from 21 February 2019
«My name is forgotten, my story is not» 30 January 2019
Wurden Säuglinge aus Spitälern gestohlen? 28 January 2019
‘Ze hebben me verzonnen, puur om een kinderwens te vervullen’ 11 December 2018
Onderzoek naar rol Nederlandse ambtenaren bij illegale adopties 6 December 2018
Adoptiekinderen die kat de bel aanbonden blijven met wrang gevoel zitten bij onderzoek naar fraude 7 May 2018
Sri Lankan Adoptions: The Government-Flash Relationship (Part 3/4) 28 March 2018
WOB Sri Lanka 23 February 2018
‘Jullie weten alles, wij weten niets. Wij hebben alleen maar leugens!’ 15 December 2017
Health Ministry initiates a programme help adopted children to find their biological parents in Sri Lanka 22 November 2017
Adoptiebedrog Sri Lanka (De Nieuwe Maan) 6 October 2017
Zembla: Watch now: Adoption Fraud 2 Sri Lanka 5 October 2017
Utred adoptionerna från Sri Lanka till Sverige 2 October 2017
Nobody’s baby – Are ‘baby farms’ a result of adoption law loopholes? 30 September 2017
Vlaams bureau genoemd in zaak adoptiefraude 27 September 2017
The National Administrative Board asks Sri Lanka for information about adoptions 26 September 2017
Babyfarmen auf Sri Lanka verkauften Kinder nach Europa 22 September 2017
ZEMBLA onthult: Sri Lanka erkent bestaan 'babyfarms' voor adoptie 20 September 2017
ZEMBLA onthult: Sri Lanka erkent bestaan 'babyfarms' voor adoptie 20 September 2017
Sri Lanka acknowledges the existence of 'baby alarms' in the 1980s and started investigation 20 September 2017
Adoptiekinderen Bangladesh zonder medeweten van ouders naar Nederland gebracht 3 June 2017
'Veel fouten gemaakt bij adoptiedossiers kinderen uit Sri Lanka' 17 May 2017
ADOPTIEBEDROG (Zembla - Sri Lanka) 10 May 2017
"Holiday trip to Sri Lanka ended up getting a whole new family" 4 March 2016
Babies become latest export commodity in number of developing countries 9 May 2014
Lankan court releases Indian nun 15 December 2011
German Forum: Sri Lanka Kinderhandel 29 November 2011
Baby farm in Moratuwa raided 23 November 2011
Adoption a better option to abandoning a child 19 October 2011
adoptie info sri lanka - Netherlands 2011
Sri Lanka finds biological mother of supposed tsunami baby 9 December 2010
Alleged Child Traffickers on Board of Tamil TB Boat 13 August 2010
Sri Lanka Closed 13 April 2010
An increase in number of applications for adoption 25 March 2010
Justitie onderzoekt illegale adopties 19 November 2009
FLASH: Onze contactpersoon in Sri Lanka 1 January 2009
Adoptietweelingen soms geen familie 2 June 2007
Blog - meet birthmother 15 April 2007
Sri Lanka - ID mother wrong 2007
Adoption ban in Sri Lanka 1 July 2005
Annual report 2005 + 2006 - Gamini Wijewardena 1 June 2005
Forum: Sri Lanka met adoptie fout 2005
Schadeclaim tegen Jeugdzorg Dordt 2003
Jordanië pakt consul van Sri Lanka op voor handel kinderen naar Nederland 22 March 1996
First countries ratifying Hague Adoption Convention (article Van Loon) 1 January 1995
Minder adopties uit buitenland in 1993 6 April 1994
Kosto stopt Baby Lijn uit Jordanie (Sri Lanka) 21 May 1993
Sri Lanka stopt lucratieve babyverkoop 22 February 1992
WOB: Opinion Secr of State NL: 'strafbaar feit = sensitive' 17 January 1992
Sri Lanka wil handel in baby's uitroeien 11 November 1991
Psst! Babies for Sale! 21 October 1991
Justitie Brabant gaat illegale adoptie praktijken vrouw onderzoeken (Sri Lanka) 7 February 1991
Kosto wil onderzoek naar illegale adopties Sri Lanka 6 February 1991
Justice knows illegal adoption 6 February 1991
„Kinderwens is beste motief voor adoptie" - Stichting Flash viert tienjarig bestaan 24 April 1989
Sri Lanka staat adopties weer toe 9 September 1988
Adoptie buitenlandse kinderen lijkt haast onmogelijk te worden 14 May 1988
Sri Lanka maakt einde aan baby boerderijen 5 June 1987
"Bij adoptie moet meer gelet worden op religieuze achtergrond van kind'' 13 May 1987
Sri Lanka, nieuwe markt adoptiebureau's? 18 April 1987
Op geruchten gebaseerde politie jacht levert geen bewijzen voor babyhandel 11 April 1987
Schokkend rapport babyhandel Sri Lanka 10 April 1987
Sri Lanka start onderzoek naar handel in baby's 12 March 1987
West Germany: The baby business 15 January 1983
TROS AKTUA: FLASH adoptie kinderhandel Sri Lanka (Youtube) 4 January 1983
“The well-being of the child has priority” 11 July 1982
Baby Farm 8 January 1982
Instellingen willen gedragscode ter voorkoming adoptie schandalen 16 May 1981